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CCDMB Data Integrity Checks (needs review)

This is a list of cross checks that we are still hoping to implement... Ttenbergen 11:12, 2015 June 25 (CDT)

Bronchoscopy/larygoscopy DX(779)and TISS 92 or 94-Consistency Check

see Check Bronchoscopy/Laryngoscopy vs TISS28/43


See Renal Coding Considerations for info on moving renal checks to CCMDB.mdb and Check Renal IncompatibleDxs

Q2.2(new) - CRF/ARF vs Dialysis Task

Q2.3(new) - CRF/ARF vs TISS 53, 54 and 55

see Check CRF/ARF against TISS Dialysis

Temp Pacer (code 763.34) & Permanent Pacer (code 763.11)

3.1 - See: Perm Pacer(763.34) Complication & TISS 96

3.2 -See: Temp Pacer (763-11) and T15 or T16

Q3.3 - 763-11 & 763-34 in DX compl not all T15-16 before T96

See Temp Pacer (763-11) and T15 or T16

VAP (Code 39)

Checks for Medicine

Q 9.2 - Duplicate Tasks entries

moved to Check Duplicate Task Entries as part of refactoring checks

Q9.3 - Flag tasks.mdb entries that have no matching record

Unmatch record if changes on LOC/HOSP/SERIAL # in the .csv file or database are made but not on the tasks.mdb


If all parties agree that the following either boils down to the above or just does not make sense, it can be deleted. Tina: Delete Julie: Trish: I don’t understand… This is a case where the DC entered the wrong serial sequence and Pagasa asked the DC about it. DC gave the correct serial and Pagasa changed the serial in the .csv file before appending but not the TASKS.mdb. There is also another case where the LOC is wrong and Pagasa caught it, changed in the csv file but forgot in the TASK.mdb. So, look for records in Tasks that don’t have associated records in registry/log?

Programming Status - Done

Query Generated and posted (empty)

Q9.4 - Tracheostomy Task vs. Dx

If code =77400 (Tracheostomy) (and subcodes) in any Admit/ Acquired then either Tracheostomy acute or chronic is marked. OK


  • Do we need the corollary that if Tracheostomy acute is marked, there should be a 774 dx? The rules for the [task] probably mean that is not true...Ttenbergen 15:21, 27 October 2008 (CDT)

Programming Status - Done

Query Generated and posted

Q9.6 - Isolation Task

see Isolation-Task

Infections must have a Pathogen

Check Infections must have pathogens

TISS days match LOS

see Check TISS days vs LOS

Trauma codes 600 to 661

see Check Trauma codes without subcodes


ICD10.jpg(unknown status, see Template:ICD10 for details) Most of these will need to be revised for ICD10.