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Allan offered to help us out with the ICD10 documentation. Here are a few links to get started.

specific questions for Allan

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Deceased patients1

Julie asks:

  • how to add a code for palliative care/ comfort care at discharge and/or change dx palliative service.
  • Correcting suspect links also needs to be dealt with when this is done. And needs to be documented.

  • Is that really what we want? It will give occupancy but miss actual time of death.
11 April 2019 03:43:42
CRRTWould it make sense (e.g. are the stickers of a size where this is possible) to give the nephrologists stickers so they can attach them as needed? Ttenbergen 15:14, 2018 September 21 (CDT)
  • Is there any follow-up as far as the end date of this project, given the lack of compliance with the stickers? --Jvelasco 14:29, 2019 March 29 (CDT)
    • Not as far as I know. Maybe Allan can find out from them?
      • AG emailed Nephrology for follow up. Ttenbergen 14:52, 2019 April 17 (CDT)
17 April 2019 19:52:47
Temporary page to list dxs documented as requiring treatment to be coded
  • Tina -- to deal with these, let's make a template and put it in all the ICD10 pages that link to the list right below here. That template to say: This is an entity which you SHOULD code even if it is not being treated.
28 March 2019 15:25:41
Organ donor (organ/tissue donation by the donor)
  • What date in the Acquired Diagnosis do you put for this code? Do you use the date that they decide the pt will be an organ donor? Or would you prefer the date the patient goes to the OR (which would be the same as the discharge date?
    • These patients go to a different ward after transplant, right? So we would likely not currently track the CCI for this. Maybe transplants are something we should track if they are at the end of stay. I'll flag this for Allan.
      • I am referring to an organ donor (not a transplant recipient). Most donors go to the morgue after donating their organs in the OR. I am not asking about CCI, just the date for the acquire ICD10 code. I am not sure who wrote the above comment.
9 April 2019 03:35:37
Antibiotic Resistant Organism
  • It is awkward to work with/find readily available specific information as to the antibiotics included in the general antibiotic resistant

articles. Some articles include links to sites that may/may not be that helpful in determination of inclusion antibiotics.

  • Would it be possible to include a listing of common antibiotics in the general antibiotic resistant articles? It would be helpful for collectors to

have an inclusion list in those articles to use as a quick and easy reference. p:Pam Piche

9 April 2019 04:22:59
Tracheostomy, has one
  • This code could be used as an admit code if the patient is a transfer from another ICU. For example, the patient was in ICMS and there had a trach created, later, the patient was transferred to ICCS. The data collector there will have "tracheostomy, has one" in her admit codes. She would not put it in her comorbids. Our integrity checks do not allow this it seems. How do you want to resolve this? --LKolesar 11:36, 2019 April 12
16 April 2019 20:45:30
Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2019Charlson Admit Como - I have put several related pages on your list that start with the same words as this one. We need to update them to make sense with any change to this. Some still had other questions in them anyway.
  • AG REPLY --- tina and ag to go through all the separate ICD10 codes Charlson Comorbidities in ICD10 codes that make up the 17 Charlson conditions and one by one decide if they can be included in Charlson EVEN IF they're admit or acquired diagnoses.
    pls have a look at Deceased_patients#organ_donor - we need to address which time to use for death in this case - actual time of death, or time they left the unit?
    Set a time with Julie to address these
17 April 2019 19:39:24
S ICD10 Charlson Como patterns tableCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we want to limit some of these to not being allowed as admits, it will likely have to be done here.
  • AG REPLY --- yes we can and should go through ALL ICD10 codes and indicate which of the 3 Dx Types they're allowed in. AG needs to be reminded to deal with this around June 2019
  • 1 February 2019 19:10:21
    Comorbid DiagnosisCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we limit which admits will count as comos we need to review13 February 2019 19:20:47
    Admit DiagnosisCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we limit which admits will count as comos we need to review31 December 2018 21:09:29
    ICD10 Guideline Como vs AdmitCharlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion - if we limit which admits will count as comos we need to review1 February 2019 18:05:52
    Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codesnot needed at go-live; Need to export the list and plan process that includes the extra items below. To export, see S_ICD10_table#Query_to_populate_s_ICD10_table_from_wiki.
    Charlson Admit Como - this is part of that discussion
  • I have emailed Allan the table with all Dxs to set them as Como_allowed, Admit_allowed, Acquired_allowed. Will set up infrastructure to contain this once I have data. Ttenbergen 12:31, 2019 February 13 (CST)
    • Ignore until at least April.
  • 25 February 2019 21:13:26
    S AP ChronicDx grouping3 January 2019 23:28:16
    Blood Product DataI have made this page to document progress toward this import.9 March 2019 23:28:40
    Transition to Database ServerJulie, can you confirm that SAS would be able to connect to an MS SQL Server via ODBC? Ttenbergen 22:02, 2018 March 14 (CDT)
    You were going to follow up with the new CHI person to make sure they are aware.
    11 March 2019 19:02:11
    Biopsy (non-endoscopic)What do you mean by diagnostic lavage? Does this term include aspirating fluid from joints or abscesses for C&S? - Michelle Lagadi12 April 2019 23:14:27
    Check ICD10 some cant be primaryCategory:Mechanism would need to be excluded as well, and so would past history, and quickly the list gets so large again that we are back at discussing Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes where we should simply include "Primary"-ability.1 March 2019 19:10:54
    S ICD10 APACHE Dx patterns tabledx grouping

    if you have a reference, ideally online, for what you used to make the APACHE comorbid ranges, please add it here.

    • AG NOTE TO SELF -- you have to go through and confirm the ICD10/CCI codes to automatically code for the AP2 comorbs
    17 April 2019 19:44:41
    Bed borrowwe want to unify this concept; started discussion today Ttenbergen 14:33, 2019 April 9 (CDT)
    we want to unify this concept; started discussion today
  • pre-admission bed borrow vs post-admission bed borrow (vs current Off ward field)
  • also consider ECIP Ttenbergen 14:33, 2019 April 9 (CDT)
  • also related is our old concept Moves for Medicine
  • 11 April 2019 03:55:59
    DA{{{1}}}19 December 2018 16:09:06