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  • Explanation: This is a legacy data field, its DataElementEndDate is in the past.
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Data Element (edit)
Field Name: ApLab Complete
CCMDB Label: not stated
CCMDB tab: Top Row
Table: L Log table
Data type: boolean
Length: not stated
Program: CC
Created/Raw: Raw
Start Date: 1 Jan 2000
End Date: 31 Dec 2016
Sort Index: 81

True when patient APACHE II lab data is complete

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Legacy implementation right in the table

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started after jan 1 2000 ended before dec 31 2016


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  • removed from sending, can be removed from ccmdb_data if there are no issues with sending. Ttenbergen 15:29, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • added: 2022-03-09
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