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BU_Comparer.accdb is a tool to compare the backups on the regional server to Centralized. It is used for main office forensics.

This file should only be open while there is a reasonable expectation that no one will back up.

For now the master lives on Pagasa's PC.


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findings so far

Turns out they are all missing stuff. Not all of it, and I still don’t understand the pattern.

L_..._BU_all queries

The L_..._BU_all queries (e.g. L_CCI_Component_BU_all) contain the entries of all instances of that table in the backup files. They make up D_ID equivalent columns (BU_Pat_ID, BU_

_ID) to enable linking to the corresponding CFE tables.

Compare... queries

The compare queries (e.g. Compare_CCI_Component_BU_all) compare the contents of the current backups to the contents of the copy of Centralized_data that lives in the same directory. The columns should be the same for RecordStatus = Sent. For other RecordStatus the backup may have been made some time after the last sent, so they may be different.

Utility functions

There is a sub connect_backups() that will link in all backups to this program.

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