Battery Capacity on Laptops

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At some point battery life on the laptops was a real concern.


Are there any problems with battery life at point?

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Actual Battery Life

What battery life are collectors getting with the current bunch of laptops?

How long does it take to re-charge the battery

How long does it take to charge the current laptops?

What if my battery dies?

The laptop will give you a warning before it gets empty, just like the PDAs did. I seem to remember the laptop working for another half hour after the warning came up, but again, it would be interesting to see you report in here if your experience is different.

If the battery dies while you are in CCMDB.accdb, all your data except the field you are currently editing (e.g. Na) should be fine. Again, please report here if your experience differs.

Power conservation

If you find a strategy that actually extends the battery life, please post it here.

Take the power supply

If there is a spot to plug in where you work, just take along your power supply.

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