Beds occupied by transferrable patients (Medicine)

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Medicine beds occupied by transferrable patients

Indicator: Beds occupied by transferrable patients (Medicine)
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Reports: Directors Quarterly and Annual Report (Medicine)

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Usually used in aggregate form as "per location" and/or "per timeframe", e.g. by month/quarter/year x Ward/Unit x Hospital.

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Beds Occupied by Transferable Patients is the average number of Medicine beds occupied per day by patients no longer requiring the level of care provided in a Medicine setting. It can identify and quantify issues around flow out of the Internal Medicine Program.

Sampling Plan / Procedure

Inclusion Criteria

100% of all patients physically present in a ward bed awaiting transfer out of the Medicine and having a date value on the Transfer Ready DtTm field

  • two transfer delay calculation
    • when patient at High Obs ward went to regular ward
    • when patient went to home, to other facility in the region and out of the region, rehab, PCH and those who died

Exclusion Criteria


  • Recorded Transfer Delay per patient
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly basis based on either Medicine Admit DtTm (Admission Dates) or Medicine Dispo DtTm (Discharge Dates).
  • For the Director reports, the Medicine Dispo DtTm (Discharge Dates) are used as the time of reference.


  • since there can now be more than one transfer delay, would it not make more sense to report these based on transfer ready dttm than on admit or dispo?
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Definition and Derivation


Num = Total Transfer Delay a given time frame


Denom =number of calendar days in a given time


Beds Occupied by transferable patient = Num / Denom


  • Time Reference: Discharge Dates from Jan 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021
  • Total Transfer Delays for patients who went to Ward/Home= 1798 days
  • Beds Occupied by Transferable Patients to Ward/Home = 1798 / 90 = 20.0 beds
  • Total Transfer Delays for patients at High Obs ward and who went to regular ward= 113 days
  • Beds Occupied by Transferable Patients to Ward/Home = 113 / 90 = 1.3 beds

Data Sources

SAS Program

  • S:\MED\MED_CCMED\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\
  • S:\MED\MED_CCMED\Julie\SAS_CFE\CFE_macros\

Data Integrity Checks

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