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* added [[Mechanism of injury: assault with bodily force]]
* added [[Mechanism of injury: assault with bodily force]]
* retired code [[Sneezing]]
* retired code [[Sneezing]]
* added [[Upper airway obstruction, NOS]]
==== 2019-06-10 ====
==== 2019-06-10 ====

Revision as of 12:05, 2019 June 13

See Log (disambiguation) for other uses of the term "Log". See the Development Documentation Category for other development logs. See Rolling out changes for the process of rolling out changes. See also requested CCMDB changes for the next version and CCMDB.mdb Data Integrity Checks.



not rolled yet Ttenbergen 10:19, 2019 June 12 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:35, 2019 June 11 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:20, 2019 June 7 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:


was rolled 06-04 12:40ish


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:31, 2019 June 4 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:33, 2019 May 24 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:47, 2019 May 23 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:01, 2019 May 15 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:

Changes I tried and took back out:

  • tweaked the input mask for times "Dispo" tab in Patient Viewer so you can enter single digits for hours or minutes
    • except I can't edit the minutes now for times with single digit hours so took this change back out.
  • sort dx drop by frequency
    • realized that to make this work the dropdown sorting would have become something totally chaotic; discussed with HSC collectors and we decided not worth it


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:26, 2019 May 15 (CDT)

  • updated Pharm_flow tab in Patient Viewer to accept manual edit of date, and so that the "*" button only puts a date, no time. Ttenbergen 09:26, 2019 May 15 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:14, 2019 May 14 (CDT) Changes collectors probably want to know about:

  • changed ICD10 Chooser form: on opening the focus is now in filter box so you can just start typing for the filter, but the form no longer refreshes (and requires a second click on the item) when you click out of the filter box unless you actually entered something in the filter


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:57, 2019 May 14 (CDT) Changes collectors should know about:

  • changed the DOB field so the input mask works (ie no need to type dashes), at expense of losing the calendar tool (in Access you can only have one). Emailed collectors about the reasoning behind this.
  • added "GRA_MICU" to Project Borrow arrive; needed to use the "GRA_ER" entry that was added some time ago.
  • tweaked ICD10 Chooser form so the first click into it no longer reverts to the top of the list.

Changes collectors probably don't need to read about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 11:37, 2019 May 13 (CDT) Changes collectors will likely want to know about:

  • Fixed the date fields so calendar entry works again; most recent change had accidentally disabled it. Ttenbergen 14:50, 2019 May 10 (CDT)
  • tweaked filtering on CCI Chooser form and CCI Pick Chooser form


Rolled out Ttenbergen 10:51, 2019 May 10 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:

  • fixed the input masks for the date fields

Changes collectors probably don't need to know about:

  • deleted some old components that had been used for the old dx, como, lab schema


rolled out Ttenbergen 22:51, 2019 May 9 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about: Thanks for a good conversation with Joanna and other HSC collectors who brought forward a few good suggestions. Keep them coming, this is how your program gets better.

  • fixed problems on the CCI Chooser and CCI Chooser picklist forms ("?" button on CCI tabs)
    • changed order of items in drop down for filter in CCI Chooser to list Diagnostic, Therapeutic and imaging first, some oddballs last, and the rest alphabetic. Let me know if it needs tweaking.
    • fixed the filter listing duplicates after repeated fiddling with filter settings
  • disabled QAInf / QA Infection CLI / QA Infection VAP in S tmp table since this is now stored in CCI/ICD10
  • changed Patient List so the cursor/focus is on the patient picker binocular button when the form is opened, instead of the Patient ID field as before (there were reports of accidental deleting of the Patient ID with the old way)
  • updated "generate email" button to include Patient ID
  • fixed Query check ICD10 mechanism vs trauma that was not finding some errors (thanks for flagging that Michelle!)
  • fixed the misclicker colour problem in ICD10s (if you clicked outside of a box accidentally the row would be hidden by a coloured box)


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:43, 2019 May 7 (CDT)

  • changed ICD10 chooser form so the focus/cursor is in the filter field when you open the form.
  • Changed CCI Picklist and Component list chooser (comes up when you click ?) so focus is on filer field to start.
  • Pharmacy now lists in entry date order, was random order before


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:42, 2019 May 2 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 21:26, 2019 April 28 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 18:31, 2019 April 25 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:40, 2019 April 24 (CDT) Changes collectors will want to know about:

  • changed Pneumonia, NOS from a "Potential infection" to an "Infection requiring pathogen"

Behind the scenes change:


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:23, 2019 April 17 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:07, 2019 April 15 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:34, 2019 April 8 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:36, 2019 March 27 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:57, 2019 March 27 (CDT)


rolled Ttenbergen 12:33, 2019 March 27 (CDT)

  • tweak to the diagnosis cross checks, they were still trying to do things with the old form. Ttenbergen 12:33, 2019 March 27 (CDT)


rolled out last night. Ttenbergen 10:38, 2019 March 27 (CDT)

Changes collectors will want to know about:

  • renamed ICD10 diagnoses that had ", poisoning by non-pharmaceutical" to just ", poisoning" since there were too many exceptions otherwise
  • updated the Patient Viewer form to not tab to the DOB field when leaving the Notes field. (Thanks Debbie!)
  • changed Bronchitis, acute or chronic not specified, infectious or noninfectious to be a potential infection (Thanks Michelle!)
  • All 2018 patients have been sent, so:
    • disabled the old "Diagnoses" and "Labs" tabs; they will be fully removed at a later time; fixed up checkbox locations. Ttenbergen 18:43, 2019 March 25 (CDT)

Changes behind the scenes:

  • removed L_Dxs, L_Comos, L_Labs from
    • reconnector
    • db converter
    • sending
  • commented out all code in the Labs, Como, Dxs forms
  • removed query Check_ApARF_CRF
  • excluded some dxs from Query check ICD10 duplicates


rolled out Ttenbergen 17:58, 2019 March 20 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:42, 2019 March 20 (CDT)


rolled out Ttenbergen 13:23, 2019 March 13 (CDT)

Changes collectors will want to know about:

  • Sending will now disconnect from wifi at start of sending, and re-connect once sending is done. This was necessary because being on wifi significantly slows down and occasionally breaks some of the queries.

Changes collectors likely don't care about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:38, 2019 March 11 (CDT)

  • further tweaks to code that runs when tabbing out of Notes field.


rolled out

Changes collectors will want to know about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:33, 2019 March 7 (CST) Changes collectors will want to know about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:22, 2019 March 6 (CST) changes collectors will want to know about:

behind the scenes changes:

  • updated Function Reject_a_query to return true/rejected when the query fails to ensure fail safe; this way if a query fails the test will return an error. This will mean that if there are errors during cross checks or sending collectors will no longer think "but it allowed me to send" or "but it allowed me to check complete".


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:06, 2019 February 14 (CST)

Changes collectors will want to know about:

Behind the scenes changes:


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:37, 2019 February 6 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:23, 2019 February 6 (CST)

Changes collectors will want to know about:

Changes behind the scenes:

  • updated overstay function to use function CCMDB_Age


rolled out Ttenbergen 22:54, 2019 February 5 (CST)

Changes collectors will want to know about

Behind the scenes changes


rolled about half an hour ago Ttenbergen 16:17, 2019 January 24 (CST) Changes collectors will want to know about:


rolled out Ttenbergen 08:26, 2019 January 24 (CST)


rolled outTtenbergen 13:56, 2019 January 23 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:14, 2019 January 22 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 15:42, 2019 January 21 (CST) Changes Collectors will want to know about:

  • updated Sending so it works again...

Behind the scenes changes:


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:37, 2019 January 21 (CST)

Just fixes this time.

  • fixed color generation for Overstay - updated query check_pt_from_pch
  • fixed IICU consult - updated query s_tmp_IICU_consult_DtTm
  • fixed "param" errors and missing queries- added code to resolve param if there is more than one.
  • tweaked pre-send Checker so it gives no-error msg again
  • resolved error in checking for duplicate patients.


rolled out Ttenbergen 09:45, 2019 January 17 (CST)

  • tweaked the new error coding further.
  • specifically, it was breaking overstay coding and giving some "param" errors - hopefully I caught all of those now.


rolled out Ttenbergen 23:21, 2019 January 16 (CST) Stuff collectors should care about:

  • hoping to make errors easier to find - errors launched by checkboxes will now also show the query that raised them, hopefully providing additional help in finding out what is wrong. - updated Function Reject_a_query_PatID to use parameters, and all queries to use parameters.
  • set Lung abscess so it can accept a pathogen - updated wiki page and s_ICD10_Categories table
  • updated cross check for IICU consult to have the checkbox work according to collection instructions (cross check was giving false positives) - updated Query s tmp IICU consult DtTm Ttenbergen 10:14, 2019 January 16 (CST)
  • fixed links in error messages that didn't use to open wiki pages - updated field in form data_integrity_check and function Err_hURLer
  • updated Pre-send Checker and Send button to make sure both run the same checks - moved Check duplicate patient from sending only to the code that runs from pre-send checker.
  • tweaked height of tab content again to hopefully eliminate scrolling.

Behind the scenes stuff:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:35, 2019 January 15 (CST)

  • fixed the chart number sort in Patient List - this will help when you try to troubleshoot duplicate patients.
  • fixed false positive when there legitimately are no CCIs - update query check_CCI_if_no_then_none
  • tweaked the width of first and last name fields on Patient List further after additional request.
  • fixed sort order for magic wand in L ICD10 subform


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:58, 2019 January 14 (CST) Changes collectors will want to know about


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:17, 2019 January 14 (CST) Changes collectors probably want to know about:

  • fixed problem that required entry of comorbid dx for patients discharged before Jan 1 - deleted "query check_ICD10_has_comorbid" which was an evil twin of query check_ICD10_Comorbids_Dx_present
  • upped the font size of ICD10s and CCIs back up, and instead made those tabs and subforms much taller so they can show better on the external screens at least. This may mean scrolling in your CCMDB.mdb. Let me know how it works and we can tweak it further. ' - changed frame sizes in Patient viewer.
  • updated sort order for ICD10 tab to be Adm, acq, como on default, and when using magic wand button - updated L ICD10 subform

Changes collectors probably don't care about:


rolled outTtenbergen 13:33, 2019 January 10 (CST) Things collectors will want to know:


not rolled out yet Ttenbergen 10:06, 2019 January 9 (CST) Things collectors will want to know about:

Things collectors would only care about if things were not working right:


rolled out Ttenbergen 10:06, 2019 January 9 (CST)


rolled out Ttenbergen 14:22, 2019 January 3 (CST)

  • fixed uncheckable dx box (updated Sub Dx_Checker() so the colours for boxes that it relies on are initialized correctly as before)


rolled out Ttenbergen 16:05, 2019 January 2 (CST)


was rolled


rolled out Ttenbergen 08:15, 2019 January 2 (CST)