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eHealth has a document for setting up our data collection laptops.

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The ou that gives rights that collectors need is "Standard / applications / CCMDB_laptops"

It is stored on their Sharepoint, to which we don't have access. When directing someone to the right location, it is in Support Documents library, Configuration Specification category.

To review, ask eHealth's Brandon Deamel for a copy. eHealth should be able to access without our help.

The following is in the eHealth instructions as well, so if we change it we need to tell Brandon Deamel.

Part we have to do with user present

The following need to be done with one of us, or the user, logged in.

copy files

confirm working

Have user confirm working the following:

  • Open CCMDB from desktop shortcut - are all patients there that should be
  • Run news and backup from desktop shortcut and confirm if produces backup to C:\ccmdb_data and Regional Server\data\<Laptop identifier of this laptop> (full address: \\\WRHA\REGION\SHARED\ICU_DATA_COLLECTION\data\<Laptop identifier of this laptop>)

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