Cardioversion (TISS Item)

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CCI Picklist
Procedure: Cardioversion (TISS Item)
CCI Picklist code: T26 & 27
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect each day
Start Date: 2020-12-07
Stop Date: 2020-10-01

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection via CCI Picklist.

Item Description Cardioversion (TISS Item)
TISS28 Category: Specific Interventions (in the ICU only)
TISS28 Row Number 41
TISS28 Description Cardioversion only (not defibrillation) in the ICU
TISS28 Points 3 or 5
TISS28 Item Number 26 & 27
TISS28 Start Date
TISS28 End Date 2020-10-01
TISS28 Comment: Row 39-44:
  • Single intervention: 3 points.
  • Two or more interventions: 5 points



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