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  • ensure that mutually exclusive items in shadowed box are not filled in
  • check that the 24hr and 48 hr items are completed as per TISS pointer TABLE
  • blood product items 23, 24, 25 are filled out appropriately and match what is recorded for blood given.
  • it patient went to the OR had any procedures, or travelled outside the unit for tests ensure that items 90 to 95 are completed for the appropriate dates. (this is where your history with dates of procedures will help you)
  • number of blood specimens, glucometer testing, blood cultures and the previous day TISS.

Data collector must ensure quality of the first 2 pages (minimum) of the TISS form. There are cross check to be done with procedures, surgery, diagnosis, lab and pharmacy form.

Tiss form to be completed by bedside nurse.

Data collector is responsible to retrieve these forms when complete. There is a binder binder at the front desk where ICU unit clerks will put completed forms.


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