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How do we count number of central lines?

a.) Count the number of patients with a Central Line in place at the time of the count.Interro-01.gif Statistician using Central Venous Catheter at 2300 (TISS Item)? --Trish Ostryzniuk 19:26, 2013 May 14 (EDT)

b.) A patient with two or more Central Lines in place at the time of the count is counted as one patient with a Central Line on that day.

c.) Count the total number of patients who are in the ICU each day at the time of the line counts. Statistician using Registry Data to obtain admit date and time closet to 2300 hrs?--Trish Ostryzniuk 19:26, 2013 May 14 (EDT)

Arrives with Central Line

  1. If a patient is admitted to the ICU with a central line in place, is it counted in the central line days
    • Yes

Data Use

Julie reports line count for central line infection rates in Quarterly report and Annual report and for CCVSM. Since TISS28 will be collected and entered for entire LOS, Julie will utilize TISS28 & Registry Data for counts starting January, 1, 2013. Julie will need to post more information in regards how data is used. --Trish Ostryzniuk 19:11, 2013 May 14 (EDT)

Central Line Count Start Dates in ICU's in the Region

Hosp Central Line_start date Unit
HSC Sept 1.07 MICU/CCU
  Sept 1.07 SICU
  Sept 1.07 IICU
  Not included CCU
  Not included CICU
GRA Feb 1.08 MICU
VIC Feb 25.08 MICU
OAK Feb 19.08 MICU
CON Feb 4.08 MICU

TOstryzniuk 20:17, 22 January 2009 (CST)

LEGACY TISS76 items that refer to central line

No all central line are collected on TISS only these:

Legacy Line Count Form used by ICUs in Region

Stopped May 6.13