Change from Awaiting/delayed dx codes to Transfer Ready DtTm

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We considered changing how we track where people who are awaiting are headed to store the details in Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry instead of in a Category:Awaiting/delayed transfer code. We found problems with the new method, which caused us to review what we are collecting and why, and we ended up reverting to the old method and then significantly limiting how many awaiting scenarios we collect at all.

Changed rolled back Continue to collect Transfer Ready with the old entries   

Currently we code a patient's reason for delay as ICD10 Category:Awaiting/delayed transfer code. After that, we are coding it as a value/item under Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry.

Instructions for collectors

The instructions would have been: For any change to awaiting status after Jul 1, enter this as an Item of the profile's Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entry. This means a patient could have an awaiting code in the earlier part of their stay, but then use transfer ready awaiting drop-down in the later part of their stay.

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