Chest Physio (TISS Item)

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TISS Item Chest Physio (TISS Item)
TISS28 Category: Respiratory Support
TISS28 Row Number 24
TISS28 Description Chest Physio (pummeling &/or vibes &/or DB+C)
TISS28 Points 1
TISS28 Item Number 19
TISS28 Comment: Row 24-27 If more than one is marked, point=1 only

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Do not code if nurses were not involved

Are there guidelines re if assisting physiotherapist or points if done by physio alone? I am finding all pts have documentation that they have been encouraged to DB & C but does this really count??Mlaporte 13:30, 2013 January 9 (EST)

    • if someone else is doing the work other than the RN, then it is not a workload for the nurse so it should not be marked. If only physio doing the work, no points. If RN is assisting physio, which is likely, then points. The key here is NURSES workload. Verbally encouraging DB+C is really not a major burden of workload for a bedside nurse but actively coaching and working with a patient while doing the process is. Telling a patient to do it is not the same workload as actually helping a patient while they are trying to do it. I can see by having DB & C included here, nurse sees it and marks it because she may have told patient once. Not sure how we can have staff diffentiate between degree of work for this one.
      • I do not think we need to second guess the staff on every pt. If they mark it then we need to trust that they did do it. The tiss sheet states "mark if the activity occurred any time during that calender day"--LKolesar 13:00, 2013 January 10 (EST).-Trish Ostryzniuk 14:05, 2013 January 10 (EST)

sounds to me like this is still done differently by different people. Ttenbergen 12:58, 2017 July 27 (CDT)

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