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The Created_Variables_Common_maker query in CFE generates some calculated values in Created_Variables_Common table. The query is triggered when the button "calc created variables" on the front screen of CFE is pressed. It is used by the statistician for reporting and data extracts. See Created_Variables_Common table for a list of the actual variables that are created.

Update to PatientFollow Project structure



  • I have made a new query created_variables_common_maker_2021 and corresponding table. I have populated the table with data for today, but not updated the calc created button yet because this is so slow that I don't want to run new AND old routinely. I have started to do comparisons, but so far all discrepancies I have found seem to stem from data errors. Emailed Julie and Pagasa about those. Aside from that, I am putting a copy of CFE with the new query and a populated Created_variables_common_2021 and old version to ::\\\WRHA\HSC\shared\MED\MED_CCMED\CCMDB\centralized_front_end\2021-created_test
  • How do you want to test and proceed to using the new version? Ttenbergen 16:39, 2021 May 19 (CDT)
    • I suppose you are changing the columns from adm to ER-delay, are these correct? are you just changing the data source from L_Log to tmp service or changing how to present the LOS - by record or by each service of each record? how about the transfer delay for MED involving High obs and regular ward where there are more than one legit transfer dates - are you including that in the calculation?
      • I just changed the source from the L_Log values to the tmp values, where available, ie they would still be by profile. If we wanted them by service it could not really go onto Created Variables as it is right now, since it outputs one line per profile. I can make queries that e.g. do LOS per service, but those would have to be different queries that would have more than one line per profile, and we would need to define them before I can build them. Ttenbergen 15:10, 2021 June 3 (CDT)
    • I need the rest for the ALERT Score in Medicine report - these have no change, right?
      • The only things in CV common that I changed are the ones that use start times. Ttenbergen 15:10, 2021 June 3 (CDT)
    • Ok to roll out since you have both the old and new in CFE. I will crosscheck the entries of LOS, transfer delay, ER wait once I have completed mine in SAS and will let you know. Thanks.---JMojica 10:22, 2021 May 20 (CDT)
      • I have rolled the change. You will have to generate the output manually by running query created_variables_common_maker_2021. Ttenbergen 15:36, 2021 June 3 (CDT)
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  • As per email exchange ending 2021-06-10, we will base the "admit dttm" component on the first of the following that exists: (first Service tmp entry), Accept DtTm, Arrive DtTm; need to confirm that that's how I implemented it. Ttenbergen 14:30, 2021 June 10 (CDT)
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The query replaces Created Variables in TMSX or Med TMS.


see Created_Variables_Common table#Log

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