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  • Identified as something we should do; the notes below are quite old but might still be a starting point.
    • This will not happen until we have a PHIA approved repository. Ttenbergen 11:32, 2022 February 9 (CST)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Potential Change

We could stop having collectors enter imaging data available from IMPAX onto their laptops and use the data from dump instead.

To do that we would need to:

  • confirm that the data is of comparable quality
  • come up with an import process
  • ensure that we can generate output to support whatever this data is used for now

Direct access to data (work in progress)

We are going to test accessing this data directly from RIS. Once we know it is feasible we will ask the Database Steering Committee if we can stop manual collection.

Data Acquisition - RIS/PACS

Dianne Julius (used to be Breanne Batters) from the RIS/PACS team will provide us with a monthly report with columns (hospital|unit|phin|chart|image_DateTime|imaging_type). This data would get imported into Centralized data.mdb, details to be determined but possibly into L Labs Flowsheet table where it is stored now.


see RIS PACS importer.accdb

Things still being worked out

deciding on types

There seem to be new types of images on every mew import. They get less but this will probably continue. To be able to categorize them they need to be added to table s_aggregate_types and categorized manually the first time they are encountered. This means it would probably be best if Trish or a collector did the imports. They take about 30 minutes once a quarter.

RIS/PACS ambiguous types

Things like "CT ANGIO ABDOMEN COMBINED" or "CT ANGIO ABDOMEN COMBINED" may be in the table s_aggregate_types twice to be counted as both Angios and CTs.

  • Is that how collectors would count it? Ttenbergen 15:37, 2015 August 19 (CDT)
  • No, we only count arterial angios done by arterial access in our lab counts as angios. CT angios are counted as CT's in the lab counts.
    • I have always counted the CTangio as 1 for CT and 1 for angio.--Jpeterson 12:46, 2015 August 31 (CDT)
    • I count it as 1 in the lab counts (for a non invasive CT angio)GHall 16:01, 2015 September 2 (CDT)
      • IMPORTANT: Count as 1 CT scan only.Trish Ostryzniuk 13:50, 2015 September 3 (CDT)

HSC and STB data problem

We didn't get much for HSC/STB, email is out to Breanne Batters to find out more


eHealth backs up the server, so we should not have to back this up. Considering that we could get new dump files generated when needed we don't need to keep or back those up either.


  • We need RIS is the Radiology information system, we don't need PACS which is the images. Angela Carbonneau
  • Can we get a per admission dump? If not a per quarter dump? Research coordinator at Radiology said she does something like that...
  • Can we get a per quarter dump? Discussing with app admin at eHealth...

in newest first order:

  • 2019-11-18 - emailed for info about individual dumps
  • 2019-11-14 - Richard Pierre at eHealth may be app admin for this, we called him
  • 2019-11-05 - Discussed at Task, this is now a priority since we need to streamline collection

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