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Direct admissions are patients who are accepted from another site (within region or from out-of-town) and come directly to the next site.

These patients can go straight to the accepting ward at the second site, or they can be admitted via the ER.

  • There are two types of Direct admits:
    • already an Inpatient
    • not an Inpatient

Collection Instruction

The rest is the same as for any other patient, expand to see details.   

Data use / Reporting

What reports use this?

inter facility transfers report (semi annual and Fiscal year) given to Critical Care Admin Director and Quality Officer.

  • Patient Flow - where patient were have been admitted FROM

How is it used?

  • To distinguish the reason of transfer due to bed management reason
  • To distinguish the reason of transfer due Medical Necessity reason
  • To determine the flow of patients from teaching hospital to teaching hospital, teaching to community, community to teaching, community to community, from outside city/province facility to regional hospital.

Data to be Reported

  • for Inpatient direct admit
    • Site Ward via ED
    • Site ICU via ED
  • For Non Inpatient direct Admit (e.g. Emergency, Ambulatory Clinic, PCH, Home, Nursing Station)
    • Site Emergency via ED
    • Site Ambulatory via ED
    • PCH via ED
    • Home via ED
    • Nursing Station via ED


Collection for this was changed as part of the 2016 Time and Place changes.

This used to be relevant to ER Wait and ICU Var 4 - Parked in ER, Parked in ER tmp entry.

This used to be collected as Parked in ER tmp entry, and prior to that as <hosp> - ER (parked) entries in s_dispo table. Changed as of PatientFollow_Project#Transition_dates .

Content of the article was deleted 2016-06-30 so it doesn't inadvertently show up in searches. See article history if needed.

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