Directors Quarterly Report (Medicine)

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Report: Directors Quarterly Report (Medicine)
Contact Person : <names, organization if outside of Shared Health>
Recipients: Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports
Frequency: quarterly
MailingList: Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports
Data Dependencies : ADL Score ALERT Scale Age Bed occupancy Beds occupied by transferrable patients (Medicine) Charlson Comorbidity Index Unit Mortality LOS Medicine per hospital admission Readmission Rate to MedWard Transfer Delay (Medicine)
SASFiles: <path for SAS files>
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  • Medicine Unit Activity Summary



  • You had Medicine Task Elements listed here, but they are no longer collected. What do you include in this report instead of those task elements now? Ttenbergen 16:56, 2021 October 20 (CDT)
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Distribution of Annual and Quarterly Reports

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