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#redirect: [[EPR Admit DtTm field]]
| field_name = EPR_Admit_DtTm
| CCMDB_label = {{PAGENAME}}
| CCMDB_tab = Dispo
| element_description = Date of Admission as per EPR; this can be inaccurate so we use [[Arrive_DtTm]] instead, but this field is used for matching with [[EPR Reports Integrator]]
| in_table = L_Log table
| data_type = boolean
| program_collecting = CC
| created_raw = Raw
| data_element_start_date = 2019-10-27
| data_element_sort_index = 46
'''This is purely an administrative field to help collectors match their data with [[EPR Reports Integrator]], so it does not exist in [[Centralized_data.mdb]] and is not part of sending.'''
See [[EPR Reports Integrator]] for collection info.
[[Category:EPR Reports Integrator]]

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