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Some collectors use Lists in EPR to track the patients they are collecting.

Are these the manual lists where you have to add patients? Instructions almost look like it's a counterpart to EPR Reports instead. Are these even still available? What are the advantages / disadvantages for this vs EPR Reports? 
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This allows quick access to the patients, but setting it up and maintaining it creates overhead. Not all collectors use this.

Would it be correct to say that the lists are manually populated based on EPR Reports? 
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  • Categories



  • Actions tab- click on new visit list.
  • Your role tab-leave blank
  • Location tab-click on "include pts at selected locations only"
  • Then, double click on specific hospital
  • Then, click on "inpatient"
  • Then, click on the specific ward or icu desired for the list
  • Then, click "add".
  • Then, OK
  • Then, a pop up will ask what name you want to give your new list, you type in the name ie MICU.
  • Then OK, should show the current list for that unit.

NOTE: Lists can be made with other criteria but these instructions are only the basic visit list for current patients.

  • When putting in a new visit list under the tab "actions", you also have options to modify, delete lists and to set up the columns on your EPR display. The instructions above give you the current census of the given area. If you want other lists, such as admissions or discharges for a given area in a prescribed time frame, this can also be done. To do this, you follow the same procedure but you need to go to the "visit status" tab, where you click off "list patients with the specific event on the date or date range" and then you can put in the date range in the section below this.

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