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We use EPR Reports to keep track of admissions, transfers and discharges. The EPR Reports Integrator facilitates this.

This will be replaced by the Cognos Report Integrator which is pretty much a similar tool.

Alpha testing only for now

This is currently in alpha testing, as in really early testing where you should still expect problems with it. Please play with it, but any data that is generated automatically by it should be treated with suspicion. Also, don't yet rely on this to make sure you don't miss admissions. But, by all means, test it and provide feedback. Processes are being developed now and are obviously still incomplete. If you want to help make this right, be part of the discussion, but be constructive.

Collector Feedback

  • Noted that after using Reports Integrator upon return to ccmdb list, the find patient function screen freezes and does not work. To remedy, the collector has to exit from ccmdb entirely and restart ccmdb, then the find patient function will work. (Pam)
    • emailed Pam to set time for next week to have her show me this. Ttenbergen 14:34, 2020 May 29 (CDT)
  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

Accessing the EPR Reports Integrator

Getting data into the EPR Reports Integrator

Exporting EPR Reports for EPR Reports Integrator

Using the EPR Reports Integrator

In the EPR Logs form:

  • if an entry is not relevant for collection, click the "exclude" button to hide the record from the list
    • the record will remain hidden on future imports of the EPR report
    • click "View exclusions" button to see a list of excluded records and delete record exclusions to show that record again
  • table can be sorted by clicking on the dark blue column headers
  • table can be filtered for location by typing location in the white box above the location header and pressing the lightening filter button
  • the bckdt checkbox is checked (and red) if the record was marked with a "*" in the report, indicating a backdated record
  • when a corresponding record exists on the laptop, clicking the DisDtTm field will fill the DisDtTm into Dispo DtTm.

Required changes

  • find a way to exclude only individual records, not all records with a combination of chart and admit date.
    • Actually, I am am not sure that's right; If you don't want to add that admission, why would you keep any mention of it? Need to discuss with Michelle or Val.
      • Turns out this was because the admit dttm that is used is ambiguous; this won't be fixed till we get better data
        • better data is leading us to Cognos EPR Report which will make EPR Reports Integrator obsolete

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