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You will probably want Database Request Process, but not sure where in here.

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Can you make sure that the following lives in the pages linked above, and no duplicating details remain in here?

  • Previously, a single database record represented a patient under the care of a single ICU service, regardless of physical location. Thus when a patient moved from one ICU service to another (e.g. MICU to SICU at HSC) a new record was begun, and the same for when an IM ward patient moved from service to service (including even moving from teaching to non-teaching and vise versa). But this is artificial, because from the patient perspective, such moves are really parts of a single episode of inpatient care.
  • Our eventual goal is to have a single record include all such changes and comprise all direct ICU-to-ICU changes (and all ward-to-ward changes) even across different Winnipeg hospitals. We are not there yet though.
  • Beginning 10/1/2020 for Grace Hospital, and 10/15/2020 for Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface Hospital, we moved part-way in this direction by: (a) having all moves within IM ward services in a single hospital be a single record, (b) having direct movement back and forth between MICU and SICU at Health Sciences Centre being a single record. See PatientFollow Project for details on the transition. Thus, the period on any of these ICU services: IICU at HSC, ICMS as St. B, CICU at St. B, and the ICU at Grace Hospital --- is represented in a single record in the database.