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This page explains which locations at HSC we consider as Boarding Locs as part of the HSC General Collection Guide. See also: Identifying patients in boarding locations.

  • With Cognos, we would no longer capture boarding patients by looking at a location. So, is there any value in having this page? Is it being kept updated? Ttenbergen 09:48, 2021 September 2 (CDT)
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Location of HSC medicine contingency beds

Medicine Overflow HSC_B5

  • short term 6 beds internal medicine overflow at HSC
  • start date: Jan 1, 2018
  • stop date: Stopped sometime prior to spring of 2019??
  • We are collecting data on medicine service patients admitted to B5 contingency beds. If they are coming in under A, D or H physician service, they remain under our collection process regardless if they non teaching or teaching. Until such time they are noted to no longer be under any medicine service, they will then be “discharged” from medicine data collection.
  • As of Jan 8 these patient are admitted under Dr. T Friesen and Dr. Ken VanAmeyde. The service affiliation A,D or H, can stay as is i.e. they stay under the same service they were admitted to on day 1 of their hospital stay.

Medicine Overflow HSC CAU

HSC CAU is occasionally used to "store" medicine overflow in the short term. When used that way we will collect these patients.

733 on H7 - Old CCU on 7th floor

6 beds

  • This ward was reopened January 2020 to help with overflow medicine patients. Closing date pending...
  • area: 733 1 to 6
  • Depending on isolation needs, actual cubicle location on 7th floor may vary. Cubicle 1 & 8 are isolation rooms with -ve & +ve pressure capability. Could be used for either teaching or non teaching medicine patients.

Medicine Overflow HSC_H6

Critical Care

Critical Care patients may overflow into PACU and sometimes other ICU. See following for more:

Additional info may be on the actual unit pages.

Legacy Locations

Legacy only   

LEGACY H4 non teaching contingency beds

6 beds scattered throughout H4 ward

Change Date

  • Opened: January 3,2011
  • closed:?

Opening and closing of medicine contingency beds opened at HSC

When HSC medicine wards are over census, during intermittent periods of high occupancy, contingency bed are then opened. I think it is the bed doctor who is in charge of opening and closing them but I am not 100% sure.--CMarks 14:11, 17 January 2011 (CST)

  • These beds are in use for D4 patients as there is construction on that ward.--CMarks 13:35, 2015 July 8 (CDT)

Legacy - Medicine Overflow HSC_RR5 & RR6

  • Start Date: 2013-May-13
  • STOP DATE: 2019-Jan-20
    • RR6 has 8 non teaching overflow beds.
    • RR5 has 2 non-teaching medicine overflow beds that are not used very often.
      • HSC will started following patients who get sent as overflows to RR5 & RR6 who remain under non-teaching attending service physicians care while over there. These are overflows and will be followed as continuous admits from your ward until discharge from internal medicine service physician. Patients are sometimes admitted to these units under Internal medicine service attending physicians directly from the ER department.
  • Start Auto print lists: 2013-May-13
  • Stop Auto print lists: 2019-Feb-02
    • GF216 office printer received auto print from the admitting department, every night which was a list of patients who are under internal medicine service physicians on RR5 & RR6.
    • started and stopped by: Denise Feibel - Data Integrity & Training Analyst
  • 2018-Aug-1: Dr. Dowhanik /Dr. Vanymede are emptying the RR6 medicine beds and will not admit into them unless "emergency/ absolute need" for medicine overflow patient movement. The RR5/RR6 bed overflow option will be "formally closed" within 6 months. Closed 2019-Jan-20.

LEGACY HSC MED Collection instructions for Contingency beds

  • Location: is the Physician Service admitted to: A, D or H. (Example: HSC_H4, HSC_A4, HSC_D4, HSC_D5, HSC_B3)
  • When patients moves TO: A4,H4,B3,D4 or D5 we do not need to create a new profile for them, just follow them as continuous from medicine ward of origin.
  • Record in the Tmp the MOVE date and time to be the same as admission date and time and put:
    • move TO location H7T for teaching (rare if ever) or
    • move TO location H7N for non teaching, we can put H4 or H733 to identify which area the patients are actually moved to by putting it in the spot we usually write park in er(tmp file)
      • H7N or H7T mean contingency bed either on H4 or in CCU or 733 side of H7
  • a new profile is only created if a patient is discharged to another Medicine Service Care.
    • Generally, if a patient moves from H7NT (where they are cared for by the staff man) to a "teaching "service, then they are moved to HSC HOBS which requires a new profile or back down to their respective ward.--CMarks 08:29, 11 January 2011 (CST)
  • non teaching: If we find oncology, rehab or any other services that don't belong to medicine service physician we do not collect this for non-teaching patients.