ICD10 Diagnoses and CCI Codes that need to be coded together

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While any number of ICD10 Diagnoses might be related to CCI Procedures, some common patterns should be coded consistently.

List to follow.

Procedures are NOT diagnoses, but are coded in their own separate Px Types --- in the situation that a patient comes to ICU postoperatively in a routine way (i.e. not due to some perioperative problem like shock), code the diagnosis that was the reason for the procedure/surgery

  • e.g: patient comes to ICU routinely after planned/elective CABG -- acute diagnosis is Coronary artery disease, chronic, which is then ALSO coded as a Comorbid Diagnosis
  • e.g: patient comes to ICU routinely after CABG done in the setting of an acute MI -- the #1 diagnosis would be Myocardial infarction, acute, but Coronary artery disease, chronic should also be listed as a Comorbid Diagnosis

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