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As part of the conversion from our old diagnosis schema to ICD10/CCI#Documentation / wiki all automatically imported new ICD10 Diagnoses articles will need to be checked against the articles corresponding to their old diagnosis article. The following will need to be done:

pick an article

Pick an article from the ICD10 assignments list, and open both new and old article in separate tabs or even separate windows. If you are working with others, make sure you split up the task so you don't clobber each others edits.

for list, see: ICD10 assignments

current status

  • reconciled :1366
  • not yet done: 405
  • need review: 23

steps to reconcile articles


Fix and move to new article the content of the old article
  • if there are questions, get an answer, or if it needs summarizing and cleaning up, do so; if this gets too complicated then don't get stuck, just skip this step, but please give it a try
  • move any explanations or specific instructions to the new article
  • fix the content of the old article, ie
    • if other dxs are mentioned, make sure they are turned into links to the new ICD10 article for that dx
{{PreICD10 dx | NewDxArticle = xxx }} 
  • when you are done the previous steps, copy and paste the following code to the very top of the old dx article to add Template:PreICD10 dx
  • change "xxx" to the new name of the new article; this will allow us to keep track also of the old articles that have been dealt with.
  • If there is more than one old article, add two templates. Example:
{{PreICD10 dx| NewDxArticle = Mental retardation}} 
{{PreICD10 dx| NewDxArticle = Autism}}
Fix categories
  • consider if the new article needs to be in any other categories than it already is. The list of categories are the subcategories on Category:ICD10_Diagnosis. If so, add it adding another
    {{ICD10 category|...}}
    with the ones that are already there. If a dx is grouped in a way it should not be, remove the tag.
Link in alternate ICD10 codes
CurrentStatus = reconciled when you have worked it through.
  • Change the ICD10 transition status of the new article as follows:
    • open the article in edit view and find "CurrentStatus"
    • if you were able to reconcile all to your satisfaction, set CurrentStatus = reconciled
    • if you ran into problems, don't fiddle with them too long and set CurrentStatus = needs further review
This will update the entry in automatically generated lists to show this is done.


If additional entry options are needed, see Property:Has ICD10TransitionStatus.

If an article needs further review

If an article has been set to reconciled but needs further review, set CurrentStatus = needs further review If it is marked reconciled then it comes off your work list. If you feel not reconciled you can always set status to: needs further review

What if there is no corresponding old wiki article but old DX exists?

Some of the old diagnoses never ended up with articles on the wiki.

Also, some of the new dxs have exactly the same name as the old ones; in that case, the dx would have overwritten the old one. If you know a DX exists but can't find it on the wiki, have a look at the history tab for the new article. If it has any content before 2017-10-16, click on the last date before to see the old content. In this case, put the name of the current article into the old article link field in the template. '

What does "reconciled" mean

  • Can collectors reconcile an ICD code when they haven't put any combined ICD 10 codes?
    • If you have looked for additional or alternative codes but did not find any, then yes, set it to reconciled. Some articles simply don't have any.

Correcting an error in the title


Please post any questions about reconciling ICD10 pages here. Put general questions about ICD10 coding in ICD10 collection. Put general questions about CCI in CCI Collection.

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