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#* make a new local directory
#* make a new local directory
#* Put the following into the directory
#* Put the following into the directory
#** [[Centralized_data.mdb]] -the last one has been fully checked for links
#** [[Centralized_data.accdb]] -the last one has been fully checked for links
#** [[PHI.mdb]]
#** [[PHI.mdb]]
#***IMPORTANT:  make sure you of the data where the NDC's have been completed.  You should coppy PREVIOUS days backup of both the centralized and PHIA data files.  
#***IMPORTANT:  make sure you of the data where the NDC's have been completed.  You should coppy PREVIOUS days backup of both the centralized and PHIA data files.  

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This article describes how to generate the requestor file for the DSM Lab Extract. The file is stored on a file share that DSM can access. See Instructions for importing a batch of DSM Data for the related import process.

How frequently to request

We will request quarterly.

Initially our DSM contact had concerns about workload and wanted a lower frequency, but then he said "Send on the ‘requestor’ file as often as you want to see the output and I will make the time." (as per email from Alun Carter, Monday, February 06, 2017 10:50)

Instruction/steps for requesting data

  1. copy files to local, they are large and won't work well on a share.
  2. open DSM Labs Consistency check.accdb
  3. Reconnect all the tables
    • right click L_Log and then click Linked Table Manager
    • Click Select all then OK.
    • All the tables will need to be connected to the directory you downloaded the files to.
      • 0_D_RawData -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • 1_C_requester_cc -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • 1_D_format_limit -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • L_Labs_DSM -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • L_Log -> centralized_data
      • L_PHI -> PHI.mdb
      • s_Dispo -> CCMDB.accdb
      • s_group -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • s_mapping_lab -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • s_mapping_locaitons -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
      • Version1 -> dsm_Labs_data.accdb
    • Once you linked all the tables it will tell you" All selected linked tables were successfully refreshed".
  4. click the "Export requestor file" button
  5. follow the wizard, which will export a file to the shared folder and start an email to DSM
  6. close Access and delete files you had copied
  7. enter at the top of the log below when you requested data, and for what range

missing dispo dates

if at import time a dispo dttm is still missing it will be replaced with Now().


The request process asks for all, and the import process de-duplicates, so there should be no gaps or overlaps.

Requesting Lab DSM

  • Need to send quarterly


Put newest entry at the top

Request Date No_Records Unmatched Records SendDtTm range start SendDtTm range end Date Imported to Database Comments
2019 Jul 31 5738 2019-May-13 2019-Jul-31 am 2019-10-24
2019 May 13 3583 491 (13%) 2019-Mar-27 2019-May-13 am 2019-05-29
2019 Mar 28 4198 249 (6%) 2019-Jan-23 2019-Mar-27 am 2019-Apr-10
2019 Jan 23 4521 1st- 1220 (27%), 2nd- 334 (7%) 2018-Oct-31 2019-Jan-23 am 1st- 2019-Mar-9; 2nd- 2019-Jun-14 1612 records of HSC have no lab data and re-send June 6, 2019
2018 Oct 31 5873 508 (9%) 2018-Jul-11 2018-Oct-31 am 2019-Mar-9
2018 Jul 11 1716 106 (6%) 2018-Jun-19 2018-Jul-11 am 2019-Mar-9
2018 Jun 19 4212 378 (9%) 2018-Apr-05 2018-Jun-19 am 2019-Mar-10
2018 Apr 5 4532 359 (8%) 2018-Jan-25 2018-Apr-05 am 2018-May-18
2018 Jan 25 5710 448 (8%) 2017-Oct-26 2018-Jan-25 am 2018-Apr-9
2017 Oct 26 16590 1246 (8%) 2016-Dec-31 2017-Oct-26 am 2018-Apr-9
2017-Mar-14 6078 559 (9%) 2016-Aug-30 2016-Dec-31 am 2017-Apr-12 ?

Early requests that followed a different pattern:

  • 16:05, 2016 October 17 (CDT) || 2016-08-01 (but use 1980-01-01 for import because first one) until 2016-08-30
  • 2015-12-?? - Discharge date 2015-04-01 - 2015-04-30

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