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Welcome to the Regional Critical Care & Medicine Information Management & Research Database Program CCMDB wiki. This wiki is now at 4,238 articles and the easiest way to find information is to use the "search" bar on the left side. If you work for our program, or are a collaborator, you can get access to edit this wiki by contacting Tina Tenbergen. If you have access to edit, see Category:Wiki Usage for more info on how we use our wiki; we use it as a communication tool as much as a documentation tool.

Mission Statement

Our Program's Mission Statement

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Data available in the Critical Care and Medicine Database

Some interesting starting points

Your best bet to find information is to use the search function which can be found on the left hand side of this screen. Alternatively, here are the categories most commonly used by data collectors & main office staff..

Critical Care and Medicine Database Core Curriculum IT Instructions Data Processing
ICU Curriculum Database Request Process Automated Data Integrity Checks
Medicine Curriculum All Projects Data Collection Team Meetings
Diagnosis Coding Task Team Statistical Analysis and Reporting
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