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Most but not all entries are in one of the following categories or their sub-categories:

Data Collection Guide IT Instructions Contact List
Short Term Projects Questions Data Processing
Statistics and Reporting Database Request Process Legacy Data
Data Collection Team Meetings Automated Data Integrity Checks Critical Care Review Group How to edit the WIKI


    • Retirement Tea Announcement. See [[1]]

Organization of Information

For more information on using this wiki, see Communication via this wiki and Editing Tips.

As this wiki is growing (now at 6,802 entries), the easiest way to find information is to use the "search" bar on the left side.

To see a list of recent changes, click on the "Recent Changes" link in the navigation panel on the left.

If you can not find information you are looking for, it might not have been added yet. In that case, make a new entry and add it to the Category:Questions category. There are instructions at that link on how to do this. Anyone is also encouraged to keep an eye on that category and to answer or further qualify.