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| CCMDB_label = <not in CCMDB>
| CCMDB_label = <not in CCMDB>
| CCMDB_tab = <not in CCMDB>
| CCMDB_tab = <not in CCMDB>
| CCMDB_tab = Apache
| element_description = Mean Blood Pressure defined by round(((2x Diastolic) + Systolic)) ÷ 3)
| element_description = Mean Blood Pressure defined by round(((2x Diastolic) + Systolic)) ÷ 3)
| in_table = Created_variables_CC table
| in_table = Created_variables_CC table

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Data Element (edit)
Field Name: MBP
CCMDB Label: <not in CCMDB>
CCMDB tab: <not in CCMDB>"" is not in the list (ADL, Apache, Dispo, Dxs, Como, CCI, ICD10, Temp, Pharm, Top Row, ...) of allowed values for the "FieldCCMDBTab" property.
Table: Created_variables_CC table
Data type: number
Length: single
Program: CC
Created/Raw: Created
Start Date: 1900-01-01
End Date: 2300-01-01
Sort Index: 13

Mean Blood Pressure defined by round(((2x Diastolic) + Systolic)) ÷ 3) The mean Blood Pressure as collected for the APACHE score.

Rounding may not be part of the original definition of Mean BP, but it is how we do it in order to get integers that work with the scoring ranges.

Collection Instructions for mean arterial BP

Collect the worst BP (be it high or low) during the first 24 hours in ICU.

The APACHE II score is based on the worst calculated mean BP. There is a BP Helper button to help pick the Sys/Dia combination for the worst mean BP.

artificially changed BPs

See General Collection Guidelines for Apache II#When to collect for which value to use. We don't want values that are changed by interventions already, for example if a patient is in septic shock, you would want the lowest BP as opposed to the highest BP that is artificially enhanced by inotropes.

Blood Pressure when on IAPB (intra aortic balloon pump)

We want the worst value in the 1st 24 hrs in ICU, so if possible get the pre IABP BP. If only post IABP BPs are available, use peripheral arterial BP, not aortic pressure.

Apache Physiological Variable
variable name mean blood pressure
unit mmHG
absolute max allowed
warning max
high score 4 >=160
high score 3 >=130 and <160
high score 2 >=110 and <130
high score 1
score 0 >=70 and <110
low score 1
low score 2 >=50 and <70
low score 3
low score 4 <49
AP phys warnMin
AP phys absMin


This value is used to generate the APACHE Score.

Collecting Apache physiological variables

There are some specific rules to follow in choosing which one of several lab results to collect.

See APACHE physiological variable collection for details.

Cross Chcks

Rules described in APACHE_physiological_variable_collection#Exceptionally_high_or_low_values are implemented by Check APACHE physiological variable high low.


The mean BP is automatically in CFE, see Created variables CC table.