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  • HSC MICU/SICU Central Line Days by patient - for Infection Control surveillance
    • Start Date: April 2015, End Date: N/A
    • Contact Person: Sonja Musto
  • HSC/STB ICUs CRRT Days by Patient - For CRRT Regional Nephrology Committee
    • Start Date: Jan 2016, End Date: N/A
    • Contact Person: Dr. Joe Bueti
  • HSC ICUs Data by Patient - For Decision Support HSC Dashboard
    • Data Includes DischargeDate, TransferDelay, PreviousLocation, HospitalLocation, DispoLocation, NextArrival, Readmit48hrs, Readmit72hrs
    • Start Date: Aug 2018, End Date: N/A
    • Contact Person: Barbara Osorio
  • STB ICUs CAM Rate, VAP Rate, CLIBSI Rate Summary - For STB Quality Improvement Team
    • Report also contains VAP Dates and CLBSI Dates by patient
    • Start Date: Nov 2013, End Date: N/A
    • Contact Person: Brett Hiebert

Legacy Reports

  • ICU GRA Indicators - stopped
  • ICU STB Transfers - stopped
  • ICU - CCVSM (Critical Care Vital Signs Monitoring). Cross Canada ICU Collaborative - stopped
  • MED HSC & GRA discharge times - stopped
  • MED GRA Transfers - stopped
  • monthly patient numbers STB Medicine -Dr. Hadjidiacos - stopped

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