Nephritic syndrome, NOS

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ICD10 Diagnosis
Dx: Nephritic syndrome, NOS
ICD10 code: N05
Pre-ICD10 counterpart: No corresponding old article
Charlson/ALERT Scale: Renal disease
APACHE Como Component: none
APACHE Acute Component: Metabolic/Renal NOS, Renal/Metabolic NOS
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Additional Info

  • In ICD10 there are no codes specific for glomerulonephritis (GN) -- instead the various forms of that entity are included in the various codes for "Nephritic sydrome"
  • Nephritic syndrome represents a class/category of renal diseases that are due to non-infectious inflammation of the glomerulus
    • Though non-infectious, a classic cause of GN is immune-mediated and elicited by PRIOR infection by a variety of organisms, though Streptococci is the classic (so-called Post-strep GN)
    • Although often primary, i.e. the etiology is auto-immune, there are numerous other conditions that can cause GNs (e.g. post-infectious which is an immune-mediated problem and not due to the organism itself; in association with other immune disorders such as Lupus and vasculitis; immune consequences of drug use such as iv heroin, others). When the etiology is NOT primary, combine the cause with the appropriate Nephritic syndrome code.
  • Regarding the various codes for nephritic syndrome (Nephritic syndrome, acute, Nephritic syndrome, rapidly progressive, Nephritic syndrome, chronic, Nephritic syndrome, NOS)
    • They include
      • glomerulonephritis
      • nephritis
      • other inflammatory glomerular diseases
    • Don't get confused, another way to classify glomerular diseases is by what they look like under the microscope (e.g. minimal change, membranous, crecentic, etc) -- but in ICD10 these are all included within all the codes for nephritic syndrome.
  • The difference between the various Nephritic syndrome codes is clinical onset and persistence:
  • Important to distinguish the various Nephritic syndrome codes from Nephrotic syndrome

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Nephritic syndrome codes:
Renal/urinary codes:

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Infections in ICD10 have combined coding requirements for some of their pathogens. Any that have antibiotic resistances would store those as Combined ICD10 codes as well. If the infection is acquired in the hospital, see Nosocomial infection, NOS. See Lab and culture reports for confirmation and details about tests. See Infections in ICD10 for more general info.

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