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This page is about the procedures that are part of CCI Collection in the CCI Category "Obstetric Px".

These are directly related to the pregnant mother. Other procedures done on a woman who happens to be pregnant (i.e. are not directly related to pregnancy and childbirth) would go under one of the other CCI Categories.

Obstetric Procedure List


Other procedure in Obstetric Px:
 Has CCI Picklist CodeHas CCI 1 CodeHas CCI 2 Code
Amniocentesis (non-imaging diagnostic)5.AB.02
Cesarean section delivery (therapeutic)5.MD.60
Induction of labor (therapeutic)5.AC.30
Postpartum surgical repair (therapeutic) -- incl episiotomy5.PC.80
SVD (Spontaneous vaginal delivery)5.MD.^^
Suppression of labor (therapeutic) - incl via pharmacologic tocolytics5.LD.32
Surgical removal of extrauterine pregnancy (therapeutic)5.CA.93
Suturing of cervical os (therapeutic)5.AC.80
Termination of pregnancy pharmacologic (therapeutic)5.CA.88
Termination of pregnancy surgical (therapeutic)5.CA.89