Pacemaker insertion (TISS Item)

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CCI Picklist
Procedure: Pacemaker insertion (TISS Item)
CCI Picklist code: T26 & 27
CCI Collection Mode: CCI collect each day
Start Date: 2020-12-07
Stop Date: 2020-10-01

This procedure is a part of CCI Collection via CCI Picklist.

Item Description Pacemaker insertion (TISS Item)
TISS28 Category: Specific Interventions (in the ICU only)
TISS28 Row Number 42
TISS28 Description Pacemaker insertion (only transvenous) in the ICU
TISS28 Points 3 or 5
TISS28 Item Number 26 & 27
TISS28 Start Date
TISS28 End Date 2020-10-01
TISS28 Comment: Row 39-44:
  • Single intervention: 3 points.
  • Two or more interventions: 5 points




Coding temporary pacemaker on T42 and in DX slots

T42 should be marked only on the day it was inserted while IN the ICU & coded in Acquired Diagnosis

When NOT to mark on T42 but still coded as a DX:

  • if inserted prior to ICU admit, then it is coded as an Admit Diagnosis
  • if inserted in Fluro or in the OR 'during' ICU admit, then it should coded in the Acquired Diagnosis

Data Integrity Checks (SMW)

Query NDC Pacemaker acquired vs TISSCentralized data front end.accdbimplemented