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Patient Flow is the number of patients per ICU bed per period of time.

Indicator: Patient Flow
Created/Raw: Created
Program: Critical Care
Start Date: Jan 1 2013
End Date:
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Reported as

Count of patient discharged per bed per period of time


Patient flow indicates the throughput for a unit and is complementary to occupancy, which is a stagnant measure. Flow has been shown to correlate with outcomes and is considered a surrogate for experience. Factors affecting patient flow include ICU patient type and acuity, Structural and process-related aspects of care, and factors affecting patient flow following ICU care.

Sampling Plan / Procedure

Inclusion Criteria

All ICU patients

Exclusion Criteria



  • Total number of ICU discharges are calculated and reported on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis based on the daily data.
  • Time Reference for month, quarter or year is based on ICU discharge dates.
  • Number of physical ICU beds available. The number of available bed rarely change over time except for pandemic or seasonal closures.
    • If the number of daily available bed changes over the period of time, use the number of bed which is the most numbered. Example, in a monthly period, 20 out of 30 days have opened bed = 15 while 10 days have 14 beds, use the number of bed=15.

Definition and Derivation


Num = Total number of discharges


Denom = Number of ICU beds


Patient Flow = Num / Denom


  • Time Reference: Discharge Dates from Jan 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017
  • Number of patients who have discharge dates from Jan 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017 at HSC MICU = 195
  • Opened Bed = 15
  • Patient Flow = 195 / 15 = 13

Data Sources

  • The number of patients discharged is taken from the Centralized data.mdb.
  • The daily bed available or opened per unit is taken from the Bed Census Database.

SAS Program

Part of X:\Julie\SAS_CFE\CC_reports\ChartReport\

Report Users

  • Critical Care Directors and Site Managers
  • Critical Care Quality Improvement Team (QIT)

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