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Data User Portal for the Manitoba Critical Care and Medicine Databases has a audience outside of our organization, so we should attempt to keep on top of Category:Questions on pages that are linked from there. There is no easy way to do this for pages that are linked from there, specifically, but most pages linked from there are in one of the following categories: Category:Data structure, Category:Project or Category:Indicators. Here is a list of pages that are in one of those categories and that have questions:

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Avoidable Days (Critical Care)Julie
  • According to the discussion at Task on 2022-04-20 this will need to be updated once the reporting is updated. Something about 30 minutes grace time for all? Ttenbergen 20:59, 2022 April 20 (CDT)
    • I am waiting for the response if not really needed from CC Director and OIT . if so, this will become legacy. --JMojica 16:37, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
21 April 2022 21:37:55
ClientGUID fieldTask
  • Do all collectors now add records from Cognos only or do some still do manual entry? Manual entry would break any processes we change to use this. Ttenbergen 09:20, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • We still add records manually for our IICU admissions Lisa Kaita 07:58, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • What would it take to add these through Cognos? Are they being added manually because of how we don't assign them as per PatientFollow Project? If so, (a) do we really need to continue that exception? If we do, then it's probably a stable exception by now, and I might be able to update the query that lists IICU patients to always include them on each HSC CC laptop. That way those who _don't_ need to enter them would need to exclude them, but those who do need to enter them would be able to do so via Cognos. Ttenbergen 10:38, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
4 May 2022 16:43:37
Created APACHE Chronic queryJulie
  • We could change it to something that deliberately chooses how to derive based on time, but is there any advantage to that?
28 April 2022 20:55:19
Dispo fieldAllan
  • In terms of avoidable bed days, they often hold the bed for a day, as you said, but if the patient does not return, would we not want this in the avoidable bed days? Therefore the dispo date and time would be when the bed is given up? I believe EPR already uses this as their dispo date and time Lisa Kaita 08:04, 2022 April 29 (CDT)
    • if did not return, I think we should consider the holding of bed as transfer delay. The bed should have been given to new patient from the dttm the bed was put on hold. I agree that dispo is when the bed was given up. --JMojica 16:12, 2022 April 29 (CDT)
      • This would not be a transfer delay at all. Someone walking out AMA is different from someone being transfer ready, it could be someone who should still be in hospital but leaves to find their next hit. I am not sure how common the different scenarios of AMA are, though. Maybe it's a task meeting item? Ttenbergen 12:40, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
4 May 2022 17:40:43
ER DelayJulie
  • Lisa replied ‘when boarding loc is only ER the arrivedttm equals accept dttm equals first service dttm, dispo time should be the discharge dttm'. I have thought the same – that this is how we were doing it with EMIPs. Can’t find this rule in WIKI.
  • Before we move to tmp service and boarding loc. I calculated ER delay equals Arrive dttm – accept dttm. Now we added another or second way, ER Delay equals first post-ER Boarding Loc dttm - ER Boarding Loc dttm.
  • This caused an issue for boarding loc only ER. There is no post-ER boarding loc. if I follow the first way, ER delay is ZERO since arrive dttm is the same as accept dttm.
  • Should the whole stay at ER be considered as an ER delay or NOT? If yes, then in the past I was underestimating it because all EMIPs have ZERO delay.
  • If YES in the question above, then we should add this rule for EMIP or ECIP cases
  1. Arrive dttm equals dispo dttm
  2. first post-ER Boarding Loc dttm equals dispo dttm

in this way, ER Delay will be consistent in both formulas.

  • For discussion. --JMojica 10:17, 2022 March 9 (CST)
  • It sounded at task today as if this no longer needs to be discussed, we just need to make sure that this page explains how we now use it in this scenario. Then the question can come out. So, I have moved it to Questions for Julie. Ttenbergen 12:32, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
4 May 2022 17:32:17
  • I was reviewing tmp entries for what dropdowns might be retired. Didn't see any unsent ICUotherService entries - is that still a thing? Ttenbergen 10:18, 2022 January 27 (CST)
    • Very seldom (the last one was April 2021) maybe due to COVID situation. --JMojica 11:00, 2022 January 27 (CST)
21 March 2022 19:21:27
Pre acute living situation fieldJulie
  • How should the following pre acute living scenarios be coded?
  • Residence in mobile homes/parks?
  • Residence in rooming houses?
  • Permanent residence in hotel rooms?
  • bungalow style condos?
  • Other, House, Other - my replies --JMojica 17:35, 2022 March 7 (CST)
    • is there a reason why "other - known but not listed" would not capture these? Is there a specific concern that drives this question? Ttenbergen 10:44, 2022 March 9 (CST)
      • The questions were asked with new collectors in mind; to promote clarity and support consistency with entries. These scenarios (along with any others) could be included as examples in the applicable category whether "other - known but not listed" or an alternative entry.
        • OK, we don't have a JALT scheduled so will put it on the list for the next task meeting. Ttenbergen 16:15, 2022 March 17 (CDT)
    • I'm not sure this needs to go to TASK, they should be listed as other known but not listed, and add those as examples Lisa Kaita 08:23, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • If Julie is OK with those definitions then it doesn;t need to go to task. It was initially designated as JALT but those don't seem to be happening. I will flag for Julie. @Julie:If you are OK with this the specifics that have been added above then please remove this discussion. Ttenbergen 10:53, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
4 May 2022 15:53:26
Previous Service fieldTask
  • To clarify the first point above is this applicable to admissions from nursing stations direct to collection units?
    • What makes you wonder, why would it not be applicable? Ttenbergen 11:42, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • I added text to the first point, is this clearer now?
  • To clarify the second point above is "Emergency Medicine" entered for direct admits to a collection service from nursing stations via ER? Thanks!
    • What makes you wonder, why would it not be applicable? Ttenbergen 11:42, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
      • The questions were asked with new collectors in mind for clarification tweaking purposes in regards to phrasing such as "dropped by ER" if the patient is a direct admit to service via ER from a nursing station should the previous service entry also be "other (known, but not on list)"?.
        • What does "dropped by ER" mean in this context? Is it "dropped by" as in visited, or as in someone dropped the ball? Ttenbergen 10:47, 2022 April 7 (CDT)
  • valid question thanks Pam, makes me wonder why we differentiate between the two situations, in my opinion they should be consistent and we should put Emergency Medicine for both situations. The previous location will identify that they were from a nursing station, which in my mind functions like an urgent care/ER triage. We (HSC) rarely get direct admits to the ward from a nursing station, but we get lot of direct admits via the ER from a nursing station. Pull in Julie to see if/how she reports on this. Lisa Kaita 12:41, 2022 April 13 (CDT)
    • emailed Julie Ttenbergen 10:25, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
      • this is a case of direct admits from nursing station parked at ER, correct? we have the list of specific MB nursing stations and generic outside MB nursing stations. why put unknown? In terms of previous service, this is seldom requested so I have not quality checked this field. Just did a quick browse on the database and filter previous location having '(parked)' - found 1269 entries and the previous service is not consistent. There are 940 already in-patients and 82 entered Emergency Medicine as previous service ( 67 out of 82 from HSC) while the 858 entered the actual service or unknown. With regards to the new process starting Oct2020, we won't know if direct admits even if already an inpatient. Example from Oct 2020, I found 134 already an inpatient from other facilities with previous location own ER and previous service Emergency Med while 49 enter the actual service. If known as direct admit parked at ER waiting for available bed then enter the prior inpatient service. Otherwise enter Emergency Medicine. --JMojica 11:29, 2022 April 21 (CDT)
        • I thought Previous Service was part of a standing report, and that that is the main or only reason we even capture it. If it's not used, should we still collect it? I will flag this for task. Ttenbergen 15:22, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
28 April 2022 20:22:25
Query check tmp ER Boarding Loc should exist if from ERTask
  • how about the cases who did not wait at all at ER but immediately went to the Ward or ICU ? - do they still need the first boarding loc be ER? Some DCs entered at least 1 minute difference between first boarding loc ER and second boarding loc - if this is being done, what does the LOS per Location mean when there is 1 minute or 5 minutes or 30 minutes at ER. Are the ICU or Med service really taking care of them at ER in such short stay? --JMojica 14:16, 2022 March 21 (CDT)
    • Good questions. I think this needs to go to Task to get input from Collectors and Allan. Ttenbergen 11:52, 2022 March 24 (CDT)
    • This was discussed at TASK and the decision was create a soft check for collectors to check this, as we know that stays in ER less than 30 minutes are often errors, can this be removed? Lisa Kaita 08:32, 2022 April 28 (CDT)
      • The soft check would flag it for review, but Julie's question was what is the correct thing to actually enter in that scenario. The check can't address that. Ttenbergen 10:58, 2022 May 4 (CDT)
4 May 2022 15:58:40
S LocationData tableJulie
  • I added some sample data to this table. I will eventually add the pulling into CFE of this table to automation CFE, but if you want to test how this data would work in your queries for now, you can link it in manually and work with the sample data in there. Processes to get data in there and all that still to come. Ttenbergen 13:45, 2022 February 10 (CST)
10 February 2022 19:45:31
S dispo.loc typeJulie
  • Thanks for updating the field description. Do we need more info on this, though, e.g. which indicators use this? In which case it should probably be added to the indicators. It almost seems like taking it to a bit of an extreme to document this, but on the other side, it's one of those things that only you know, Julie, so it would be hard to recreate a report and get this right unless it's documented. Ttenbergen 12:09, 2022 April 27 (CDT)
27 April 2022 17:09:28
TISS28 data useJulieJust came across this page due to a broken link on it. We should clean it out where possible. Most of this is now tracked through indicators etc, so should link there rather than duplicate here. Ttenbergen 16:06, 2022 March 16 (CDT)16 March 2022 21:06:59
Transfer Ready DtTm tmp entryAllanWe need a consistent approach to how we handle the following scenario: We can assume that in all scenarios there is no other clear documentation.
  • 1. Discharge order written with date and time, but the order is to discharge the following day or on a specific date (reasons for the delay are some times clearly documented, ie if they are waiting for homecare services or transportation etc, or discharge post last dose IV ABX, discharge after dialysis.
  • 2. Recently at SB, they have been including the Med Reconciliation orders in EPR documents. Typically, once a pt is transferrable, a Med Rec is initiated. If there are no discharge orders, no discharge summary and no discharge time documented, including the examples above specific to Medicine, could we (SB) also use this as our TransferReady dtm?--Mailah Damian 13:51, 2022 May 18 (CDT)
18 May 2022 18:57:38


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