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Here is a list of pages linked from the Main Page that have questions. These should receive a higher priority in answering questions.

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Resource Use2018-03-08T14:56:09
DSM Lab Extract2018-03-08T14:57:15
Validation against Patient Registry Data2019-01-03T21:26:12
Chart Review Lists2019-01-03T22:31:09
Base Population for Research2019-02-07T04:47:59
Statistical Analysis2019-02-07T04:48:08
Data Processor2019-03-26T03:16:37
Data Collector Portal2019-04-15T16:46:08
CAM positive (TISS Item)2019-04-29T02:49:19
Bed occupancy2019-05-22T00:46:55
Night Time Discharges2019-05-23T15:27:59
Antibiotic Resistant Organism2019-05-23T15:42:57
QA Infection VAP2019-05-28T19:32:55
Acquired Diagnosis / Complication2019-08-01T17:09:37
Nursing Workload2019-08-14T00:16:07

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This article is tagged to be reviewed periodically. The next scheduled review is on 2018-04-01.

  • 2018-07-11 emailed Julie and Trish to discuss how we should go about this...