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== List of NDC queries ==
== List of NDC queries ==
{{#ask: [[category:Data Integrity Checks]] [[~Query NDC_*]][[DICStatus::!declined]]
{{#ask: [[Category:Data Integrity Checks]] [[~Query NDC*]] [[DICStatus::!declined]]
|default=none found
|default=none found
== Related articles ==
== Related articles ==

Latest revision as of 14:12, 2020 January 15

We have a bunch of Quality Assurance queries in CFE that are done as part of the Centralized data Vetting Process. Ideally all should be empty, if they are not the data needs to be fixed (see Processing errors in patient data).

The easiest way to check these is to click the NDCs button. It will check every query but only display those where problems were found.

If any false positives are found that are unique special cases or if there are errors that we deliberately decide not to correct for some reasons, set them as Known data errors so they no longer show up in queries.

When they have all been corrected you can move to the next step in Centralized data Vetting Process, likely "Vet all sent" button.

List of NDC queries

Query NDC Bad Postal Codeimplemented
Query NDC CLI AcqDX but NoCLI DateinTMPV2needs review
Query NDC CLI No AcqDX but CLI DateinTMPV2needs review
Query NDC CLI unacceptable dateretired
Query NDC CLI vs DX but no TISS17 CentralLineimplemented
Query NDC Dialysis TISS CCIneeds review
Query NDC Dxs vs TISS Dialysisready to implement
Query NDC Pacemaker acquired vs TISSimplemented
Query NDC Postal Code over timeimplemented
Query NDC TISS CCI endoscopicimplemented
Query NDC TISS Extubation only on TISS Intubated daysready to implement
Query NDC TISS Spontaneous vs ETT Trachimplemented
Query NDC TISS vs pharmacyready to implement
Query NDC Trach Dx TISSready to implement
Query NDC VAP AcqDX but NoVAP DateinTMPV2retired
Query NDC VAP No AcqDX but VAP DateinTMPV2retired
Query NDC VAP unacceptable dateretired
Query NDC cardioversion dx vs TISSimplemented
Query NDC zCRRT CCI Px but no TISSimplemented
Query NDC zCRRT TISS but no CCI Pximplemented
Query NDC zCRRT TISS no tmpretired
Query NDC zCRRT tmp no TISSretired

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