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Data Integrity Checks
Summary: Checks that each T9 - CAM positive (TISS Item) goes with an ICD10 code from Category:Delirium
Related: CAM positive (TISS Item), Delirium, not due to drugs or alcohol, Delusional disorder, Psychosis/psychotic disorder, NOS, acute or chronic
Firmness: hard check
Timing: always
App: CCMDB.accdb
Coding: query check_CCI_TISS_CAM_positive_vs_Dx
Uses L Problem table: not relevant for this app
Status: needs review
Implementation Date:
Backlogged: true

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  • I started implementing this and then started wondering if there might be many more dxs that may or may not cause CAM positive (eg Encephalopathy, NOS). Is this a reasonable check to run?
  • SMW

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  • 2021-01-28 Query started but holding off to get answer if this is a reasonable check

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