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Query linking_pairs_preList is a query in CFE that is used by Populate linking pairs for making linking_pairs table.


See CFE for current version, but here is an instance: SELECT L_PHI.D_ID, L_PHI_moreThanOne.PHIN, created_AdmitDtTm.Admit_DtTm FROM ((SELECT L_PHI.PHIN, Count(L_PHI.D_ID) AS CountOfD_ID FROM L_PHI GROUP BY L_PHI.PHIN HAVING (((Count(L_PHI.D_ID))>1)) ORDER BY Count(L_PHI.D_ID)) AS L_PHI_moreThanOne INNER JOIN L_PHI ON L_PHI_moreThanOne.PHIN = L_PHI.PHIN) INNER JOIN created_AdmitDtTm ON L_PHI.D_ID = created_AdmitDtTm.D_ID;


2021-07-28 - created query to replace hard coded SQL in VBA, both to fix linking pairs that took way longer in Access 2019 than it had in 2010, and to start using Service tmp entry dates rather than old Arrive DtTm field, when available. Ttenbergen 10:30, 2021 July 28 (CDT)

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