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This article is about Multiple Encounter patients who have been discharged and re-admitted in a short time frame.

ICU Definition

For ICU, a readmission is a patient where

  • (admit date/time) - (most recent ICU discharge date/time to ward or home) <= 72 hours
  • is not admitted for planned and scheduled surgery
    • do we use the Apache type elective surgery for that?Interro-01.gif
  • might be readmitted from Ward or outside hospital
    • is there anywhere pt would not be allowed to be admitted from? Ttenbergen 18:07, 2012 November 22 (EST) Ttenbergen 12:54, 2014 January 16 (CST)Interro-01.gif

Medicine Definition

For medicine, a readmission is a patient where

  • (admit date/time) - (most recent discharge date/time to the hospital) <= 7 days after their most recent discharge time to the hospital
  • is admitted from outside hospital

Legacy information

  • (Legacy: planned surgery used to be excluded, but this stopped because of insufficient data when we stopped collecting some APACHE elements in the medicine program Dec 31, 2006)

Data Use

which from Category:Reporting Interro-01.gif