Repeat clicks being needed when entering CCI PX Type

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When I go into cci pick, or cci component (it happens with both), and I hit the drop down arrow for the type and try to choose either the acquired or the admit line , I have to hit the arrow at least three times for the drop down window to open. I hit the arrow the first time, and the contents of the drop down flash, but then disappear. I hit the arrow a second time. The contents of the window appear, but then I move my mouse to click on either acquired or admit, and when I move my mouse the window closes again (before I have had a chance to choose one). I hit the arrow for the third time, and it works properly, i.e. I hit the drop down arrow, the contents of the drop down list appear, I am able to move my mouse, and pick something. This only seems to happen when I try to enter a line the very first time. Once I have that first line entered, it behaves itself for any subsequent entries. I asked Pam if she had the same problem, and she said she doesn’t.

  • has not been identified as an issue since Feb 2022, if it becomes an issue please document the steps that lead to this issue. Lisa Kaita 10:51, 2024 March 12 (CDT)