Reporting from ICD10/CCI

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Our implementation of ICD10 will affect how Reporting works. Pages relating to this will be in Category:ICD10 Reporting.


Grouping Diagnoses


Will Julie be able to come up with usable groupings of diagnoses? In the current system she grouped by main diagnosis, but that concept is gone. Will ICD10 blocks implemented by S ICD10 Block Dxs table be sufficient? Ttenbergen 22:57, 2018 March 20 (CDT)

Different procedures that have the same CCI code

  • Different procedures would be listed with the same CCI code; will Julie easily interpret and utilize CCI codes for reporting?
  • Do we care that we will not be able to differentiate between a Blakemore tube from an Upper GI scope with banding or hemostasis, when in CCI they both look the same: (T) Stomach, pylorus... and Control of Bleeding. --LKolesar 14:11, 2018 May 1 (CDT)
    • discussed at task 14:08, 2018 June 20 (CDT), Julie to review what she needs and we will discuss again Ttenbergen 14:08, 2018 June 20 (CDT)
  • We made this page early on to make sure that we address any reporting concerns you have about ICD10. Are the TASK questions still relevant? If not, could you please take them out? If you have other things relating to this that should go to task, pls stick them in here.

This is part of the discussion with Julie about Apache diagnoses today I think Ttenbergen 08:49, 2019 January 10 (CST)


Since several dxs may now have the same priority we implemented Dx Primary.