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=== [[STB_EMIP]]===
=== [[STB_EMIP]]===
For STB EMIP workload splitting between STB medicine collectors, see [[STB_EMIP]]
For STB EMIP data collector '''workload splitting''' between STB medicine collectors for EMIP's, see [[STB_EMIP]]
== Implementation Date ==
== Implementation Date ==

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This page describes how work will be split between collectors for STB E5, STB_E6_B, STB B5, STB IMCU and STB_EMIP.

  • The purpose of this change is to enable the three medicine laptops to collect on other medicine units for workload distribution.

a/b/d no longer needed - remove or just phase out as units change

  • SMW

  • Cargo

  • Categories

As part of 2020-03 STB COVID unit transition the following changes happened. The new service/locations did not get set up with the a/b/d since this is no longer needed.


See Laptop identifier for info who is the collector. Whatever locations are available sometimes have a letter tacked on to designate the laptop.

S4 laptop

S5 laptop

S6 laptop

  • Site and Location Current options are: STB_B5, STB_IMCU, STB_E5, STB EMIP, STB_IMCU, STB_E6bB, STB_A7_B, STB_E6_C
  • So far we are using sequential Serial numbers for IMCU and B5 patients. We just make sure that we use different numbers so there is no duplication. For example if there are 5 admissions for IMCb you might use 150, 151, 152, 153, 154 for these. Then you may have 3 admissions for B5 and you would use 155, 156, 157. It does not matter which you do first or how many admissions for each you just need to make sure they don't duplicate.
  • Legacy: use to be laptop b.


For STB EMIP data collector workload splitting between STB medicine collectors for EMIP's, see STB_EMIP

Implementation Date


  • Note: STB_IMCU started Oct 1.18 using serial numbers 1-250 (without the b).
    • As of Nov 29.18: Location label changed to STB ICMb and serial number started at 150. Also, any new admissions to STB_B5 on or after Nov 29.18 were added to B laptop with Location STB_B5b
  • STOP: May 21.20 stop using STB IMCUb and B5b for all new admission. Use STB_IMCU, STB_B5, without the b on the end.

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