Sorting in PatientList breaks when some Cognos Entries are done

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There was a scenario where a patient is added through one of Cognos tools (Cognos Admitter was mentioned), and after that patient's record is closed the sorting buttons in Patient List no longer work. Closing and re-opening the list makes them work again.

Found that removing a data refresh run by the "close with updates" button in Patient Viewer was causing this. The refresh didn't seem necessary so removed it. Rolling out as part of CCMDB.accdb_Change_Log_2020#2020-12-04, if still a problem after let me know. Ttenbergen 14:23, 2020 December 10 (CST)

Steps to replicate

Steps to replicate:

  1. open CCMDB
  2. open CE
  3. open a pt from CE
  4. enter a unit entry using the "make loc" button
  5. close pt by clicking "close with updates"
    • "close no updates" doesn't cause the problem
  6. close CE
  7. open PatientList
      • and it doesn't sort; also, have to click the close button twice to make it do the closing. Something is hung.
  • With entry of any data using ADT2 tab via CSS/CUS/CE into a profile will result in patient list freezing.
    • This happens even if the PatientList was closed (and maybe it happens only if it was closed? )
  • This occurs when the Patient list is closed, I have not used CSS/CUS/CE with the patient list open. Should the patient list be open or closed while using CSS/CUS/CE or does it matter? Thanks, --Pamela Piche 14:11, 2020 December 10 (CST)
    • you should be able to have it opened or closed, depending on how you do your work, it should not cause the sorting to freeze. And hopefully no longer will, once I roll out the fix I just added. Ttenbergen 14:23, 2020 December 10 (CST)

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