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Height and weightZ) decided to revisit SOFA scoring 6 months after ICD10 so same should likely go for this.26 January 2019 01:38:46
Identifying patients in boarding locations
  • Is that actually a separate step? Still relevant now that we are using Cognos? Are there any steps collectors need to take to make sure these are captured? Ttenbergen 12:17, 2021 February 11 (CST)
11 February 2021 18:17:31
LOS Medicine per ward stay
  • this definition is no longer valid after many changes have happened.
    • Julie will update, as per Task meeting 2021-01-20 Ttenbergen 11:51, 2021 January 20 (CST)
20 January 2021 18:27:04
Process for bad data in Cognos
  • who would this be?

  • should we exclude and overcome the bad records right away or wait for a correction that might never come and how would we keep track of it?


  • To confirm: Julie, this means that if a pt was listed in Cognos as some bogus unit for the first 6 hours of their stay, we would list their stay on our unit as starting 6 hours later. this would probably trigger some of Pagasa's cross checks, and give you 6 hours of missing occupancy. I still think it's the right way to deal with this error since messing with the times would break how entries are linked to Cognos, but I want to make sure we are all aware that this is a thing and how we approach it. Ttenbergen 13:29, 2020 November 9 (CST)
    • when does this phenomenon occur - at the beginning or in between transfers? (Julie)
      • It seems to be a matter of data entry errors, so I suppose it can occur at any time. Ttenbergen 11:00, 2020 November 18 (CST)
    • if at the beginning, then just exclude. (Julie)
    • If in between transfers during an episode, is there a query done for that? Pagasa' query will crosschecks between records and not within episode. But if that happens, since only the arrived date is entered, I will always assume continuous stay defining the end date as the start date of the next boarding location. (julie)
      • Not sure what kind of query you have in mind. We only collect the unit starts, so there are no unit ends to cross check against. This means we should define how to enter these "bogus" units as either including them with the previous or including them with the next unit. I would prefer including them with previous because it doesn't break linking with Cognos for the next unit. But we should have a consistent instruction for this.Ttenbergen 14:10, 2021 January 28 (CST)
12 February 2021 19:56:45
Public Entrance Likely Initial Page


  • Should we have a plan to review these regularly since they are front page linked, or are we OK with them being unmaintained? Or should we delete them altogether?
11 March 2021 16:13:29