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|Fax number = NONE IN OFFICE
|Fax number = NONE IN OFFICE
|Room number = N4069
|Room number = N4069
|Mailing address = STB Hospital, Education Bldg. Rm. N009 - 409 Tache Ave, Wpg., MB. R2H-2A6
|Mailing address = STB Hospital, Education Bldg. Rm. N009 - 409 Tache Ave, Wpg., MB. R2H 2A6
{{MailOutlookGroup|DC STB CC|DCSTBCC}}
{{MailOutlookGroup|DC STB CC|DCSTBCC}}

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Office: St Boniface Hospital Office (Critical Care)
Phone number: 204 235-3334
Fax number: NONE IN OFFICE
Room number: N4069
Mailing address: STB Hospital, Education Bldg. Rm. N009 - 409 Tache Ave, Wpg., MB. R2H 2A6

See Category:St Boniface Hospital Office (Critical Care) for collectors at this location and related articles.

To email everyone in the DC STB CC group, click the following link: mailto:DCSTBCC@exchange.hsc.mb.ca

  • this mailto uses Outlook on your computer, rather than mailing through the wiki; please contact p:Trish Ostryzniuk for updates to the mailing list

For STB Medicine data collection office see: STB Medicine office

Mailing Instructions

Address it to N4069 at SBGH or to NG009 which is the mailroom in the basement. NG009 takes in all the mail for the Education Building and we have a mail slot there. Either way we will get the mail.

Key to local office

  • p:Valerie Penner
  • p:Marla Penner
  • p:Stephanie Cortilet
  • p:Debbie Page-Newton
  • EXTRA Key for N4069 is located in the STB Medicine collectors office (N4065) in drawer of STB B5/IMCU desk
  • New key, lost keys, swapping keys, you must let main office know. Contact manager
  • Forget your key:
    • go to security office NG005-5 with ID to be let into a room - call local 2205
    • after 8 am - Audio visual room in education Bldg in basement has all keys to building - you can sign for a key but MUST return and sign it back in.

NEW keys and swipe card access: there is a FORM to be completed by manager.

  • STB contacts for swipe card access. Brian Paradis - STB Protection Service Coordinator
  • STB contacts for keys. Brian Paradis & Gerald Gauvin - STB Trades/Locksmith.--Trish Ostryzniuk 11:21, 2020 January 7 (CST)

Printer Information

See Printer

Battery disposal

See: used battery disposal process, for each worksite

Local IT support

The local IT support for the St B are Jason Wilson, Kamil Malewski and Rick Masi; there are likely more. Call the p:EHealth ServiceDesk to contact them.

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