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General Information for the Supportive Housing entry in Pre acute living situation field.

  • eligibility is determined by the WRHA Access Center
  • Facilities built using private capital, profit oriented owned and operated by private business
  • Building designed as pods of 12 with private bedroom and bathroom with central communal kitchen, living room area and access to a deck or yard space.
  • occupants are tenants
  • example: Rosewood which is located next to Waverly complex
  • tenants are individuals who are not well enough to live independently but who are not frail enough to live in a PCH.
  • In between example include
    • mild cognitive impairment
    • issues with incontinence
    • Require some degree of supervision on 24/7 basis
    • Require assistance with bathing, laundry, cooking, dressing and other ADL's
  • "companion" provided on 24 hr basis by WRHA who assist up to 12 tenants with ADL, meals, housekeeping and supervision
  • cost to tenant approx. $1500-2500/mth. Does not include cost of meds, laundry, supplies and personal hygiene items as per April 2013.
  • issue for many if affordability of option

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