Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2023

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List of items to bring to task meeting

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(T) Leg, NOS Can we include an amputation of the foot with this CCI Code? Lisa Kaita 13:14, 2023 January 25 (CST) 2023-01-25 7:14:40 PM
Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes
  • Has Barret had a chance to complete the review of the list? Ttenbergen 17:10, 2022 August 9 (CDT)
    • Allan and Barret will discuss if they know who could help Barret with this. Ttenbergen 11:49, 2022 September 28 (CDT)
2022-09-28 4:52:04 PM
Outreach efforts
  • We have talked about doing more outreach so people are aware of and use our DB. I saw the Wound Day notice, and it made me wonder if we can have any meaningful presence there. But that’s STILL reactive. If we wanted to be more proactive in getting out the word about our data, what should we do in 2023 to accomplish that? Ttenbergen 09:43, 2022 December 29 (CST)
  • 2022-12-29 3:44:51 PM
    Visit Admit DtTm differences within same admission
  • Do we still see occasional mismatches? Ttenbergen 13:40, 2022 December 8 (CST)
  • 2022-12-08 7:41:18 PM

    Also see Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2022



    ICU Database Task Group Meeting – Jan 11, 2023

    • Present: Allan, Gail, Julie, Michelle, Mindy, Stephanie, Tina, Val, Pagasa, Mailah
    • Minutes prepared by: AG
    • Action items in BOLD

    1. Transition to Database Server#Shared Health - Nothing new about either of the possible alternative options for hosting the database.

    2. Controlling Dx Type for ICD10 codes - Regarding the task to improve data collector diagnosis assignment into the 3 "bins" of admission diagnosis, acquired diagnosis and comorbid diagnosis.

    • Lisa indicated that for a first pass on this, she will distribute all the codes among all the collectors.

    3. New item: Clarification of Pulmonary emphysema or bullous disease without COPD. Allan modified this Wiki entry to make it clearer.

    4. New item: Regarding the code Sudden cardiac death (and died)

    • After discussion we recognized that we have no need to specifically code patients' cause of death. We know it occurred by virtue of the Dispo field. Thus we agreed to remove this item from the list of ICD-10 codes, and to have Julie go into all records where it has been recorded and remove it. Allan modified the Wiki page also.

    5. New question: It was noticed that an error occurs if a diagnosis of Influenza is recorded (which is an implied bug) and one attempts to combine it with a Nosocomial problem code. Tina will fix this.

    6. Followup item from long ago: Seeking to get ABGs at Grace Hospital to be included in the Lab Info System (LIS).

    • The last time we tried for this, in 2015, the resp therapy group at Grace was not interested in being required to manually logging this information into LIS, as IS done at HSC and St. B.
    • We think they may be more open to it now -- so today Allan emailed Heather Smith, asking her to raise it with them.
    • If they indeed are willing, Allan will talk to Dr. Soroko about getting it implemented.

    7. New item: Uncertainty of when/how to use Complication of labor and delivery, NOS

    • As our database is only for adult patients, this code should not be used to indicate such a complication for a newborn. For example: During hospitalization, such a complication occurs, but it only affects the newborn and has no medical consequence for the mother --- do NOT use this code.
    • Of course, for some such complications when the newborn with a complication becomes an adult, that problem persists, e.g. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If that adult is then admitted, it is the specific problem (such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) that should be listed as a Comorbid Diagnoses -- again you would NOT code Complication of labor and delivery, NOS.
    • The only time Complication of labor and delivery, NOS would be coded is when the mother herself incurs a complication of labor or delivery, AND there is not a more specific code for the complication she suffered.
    • Allan modified this Wiki page for clarity.

    8. New item: Clarification of when/how to use Oral mucositis

    • This code is for widespread or diffuse oral mucus membrane involvement -- as often occurs after some chemotherapies, and a few other causes.
    • Do not use it for localized oral lesions or involvement in just a part of the oral mucosa. In such a case code the specific cause if known, and otherwise use Disorder of oral mucosa (mouth, lips, tongue), NOS.
    • Allan has updated the Wiki to reflect this.


    Also see Task Team Meeting - Rolling Agenda and Minutes 2022