Team Meeting September 28, 2017

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Team Meeting

  • Date: Thursday September 28, 2017
  • TIME: 1300-1500 hours
  • Place: HSC-John Buhler Research Center Conference Room - JB700
See second map on HSC site Map.

Meeting prep

  • find a minute taker
  • I don't mind taking the minutes if you need someone.--LKolesar 15:07, 2017 August 22 (CDT)
    • bring your laptop, then you can do it right on the wiki rather than having to transcribe it later. Ttenbergen 17:06, 2017 September 6 (CDT)
    • Is there wifi in the room to access the wiki and would my laptop be compatible with HSC wifi? If not, I will just type it into a word document and send it to Trish b/c she likes to edit it a bit and then she can put it on the wiki (this is what I did the last time that I did the minutes).--LKolesar 07:07, 2017 September 27 (CDT)
      • will check if Wifi. If not, still need you record and you will put it on Wiki after. Trish Ostryzniuk 12:03, 2017 September 27 (CDT)


Please add any topic you wish to discuss.

  1. Updates regarding the status of the medicine program--p:DPageNewton
  2. Acute Med Hospital Bed transfers and job bumping--p:Llemoine
  3. ICD10 - status, workshop to migrate Wiki articles: "old codes' to new codes'- October 16.17. - Trish
  4. Urgent Care: for Vic, Oak added to s_dispo table, how/when to code as Previous Location- Trish
  5. Outreach efforts- QA circles - Trish
  6. CLI BSI - CLI audit & Wiki criteria (needs restructure, in progress - CNISP-Public Health - criteria and flowchart- Trish
  7. Influenza audit - may be potential collaboration with ID (emailing notifications)
  8. HSC CAU - present at HSC. Similar to open at: GRA and STB, in fall of 2017 - p:Con Marks - patient is under Emergency Service care at HSC.
  9. eChart - concerns raised
  10. Identifying EMIPs using patient lists- p:Con Marks
  11. Direct admission from outside of city - visit admit date and accept to service date.-p:Julie Mojica
  12. Avoidable Days in ICU / Transfer Ready DtTm field - review criteria/definition changes-p:Julie Mojica
  13. TISS form- quality control - Trish (p:Joanna Velasco, p:Lori Lovell, p:Joyce Peterson)
  14. How will it affect the database when HSC separates from the WRHA (shared service structure?)--p:LKolesar
  15. Pre-send Checker - Val will explain about use, Tina is there to answer questions. Ttenbergen 14:33, 2017 November 22 (CST)

Next Meeting

Team Meeting November 30, 2017