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This template is used in "* transplant, failure or rejection or unspecified complication" pages to give consistent instructions.

To use:

{{ICD10 Guideline Transplant Failure}}
  • Is "don't code history of transplant when coding transplant rejection because it's implied" something you are aware of? It's not something I would have thought of if you had asked me to write a query that lists all records with previous transplants. If we want to change this could you bring it to task meeting? Ttenbergen 16:41, 2020 January 31 (CST)
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Transplant failure or rejection or unspecified complication guideline

  • This code includes transplant rejection, transplant failure (primary or subsequently), and others problems with the transplanted organ itself.
  • This code can be used for the whole range of problems with a transplanted organ -- of any severity (mild dysfunction up to total loss of the transplant) and of any duration (temporary or permanent).
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transplant_rejection
  • If you use this code, you should not also code Past history, transplanted kidney, because that is implicit in this code.

Prophylactic treatment does not indicate infection ( CMV+ or EBV+ donors or recipients)

  • We are NOT coding anything having to do with the Cytomegalovirus (CMV) or EBV status of the donor.
  • Accordingly, do not code a transplant recipient as infected or colonized with such organisms, but of course DO code them as infected with them IF THEY BECOME INFECTED WITH THEM -- which is not indicated just by the recipient being prophylactically treated for them after the transplant.
  • As per Colonized with organism (not infected), we are not tracking colonization with either of these viruses.