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This template is used for the dxs in the Category:Adverse effect to consistently explain how to use them.

To use:

{{ICD10 Guideline acute intoxication}}

Acute intoxication codes

  • This category simply indicates that the patient was intoxicated -- i.e. drunk, high, etc
  • Acute intoxication does not necessarily mean there is a chronic abuse/dependence/addiction
    • If there was a threat to life, or limb, or to functioning for one or more organs -- then you should instead use, as appropriate, a code from
Overdose codes:
Acute intoxication codes:
Acute intoxication codes:

For situations where patients have overdosed, ie where there is an immediate risk to their life, use the corresponding "overdose" code:

Overdose codes:

Coding substance related ICD10 diagnoses

See ICD10 Guideline for drugs and substances for more info on coding substance related ICD10 diagnoses.